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Omaha to Host USA Swimming Olympic Trials in 2020

July 17, 2017

USA Swimming knew it wanted to return to Omaha for the Olympic trials in 2020 and it didn't seek bids from other potential host cities. more >>


First Paratriathlon Coaching Certification Clinic Being Hosted in Chula Vista

July 14, 2017

USA Triathlon is hosting its inaugural Paratriathlon Coaching Certification Clinic at the Elite Athlete Training Center in Chula Vista, California. more >>


Fairbanks, Alaska Hosts Annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

July 14, 2017

The annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympic Games (WEIO) will take place at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks from July 19 through 22, 2017. more >>


Minneapolis Welcoming X Games and Worldwide Exposure

July 13, 2017

Meet Minneapolis is excited to welcome X Games Minneapolis to U.S. Bank Stadium July 13-16. more >>

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First-Ever National Triathlon Week Launches Today

July 17, 2017

USA Triathlon announced the first-ever National Triathlon Week, which will take place from today through Sunday, July 23. more >>


Racermate Inc. Announces Discounted Replacement Parts Program for Computrainer Owners

June 26, 2017

Through CompuTrainer Replacement Parts Program, owners can purchase replacement parts for 50 percent of standard retail value. more >>


USA Triathlon Publishes "Train to Tri: Your First Triathlon"

June 19, 2017

USA Triathlon and Human Kinetics announced the release of Train to Tri: Your First Triathlon by Linda Cleveland and Kris Swarthout. more >>


First-Ever College Triathlon Coaches Association Formed

June 5, 2017

USA Triathlon announced the first-ever College Triathlon Coaches Association (CTCA). more >>

Destination Spotlights

AnnArbor Case study | March 19, 2017
A Big 10 College City with a Small-Town Vibe   

By: Michael Popke

When people think of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Michigan Stadium, “The Big House” on the University of... More>>

blank Case study | July 21, 2016
Staying at the Top of the Game in Greensboro   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Greensboro, North Carolina, is the chosen home of a vast array of sports events, from established high-profile events like Division I Men’s... More>>

blank Case study | January 15, 2014
Lincoln, Nebraska: America’s Sports Center   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Central location. It’s a word you hear a lot, about a lot of different destinations. But it doesn’t get more central than Lincoln, Nebraska. More>>

White Papers

Olympics Whitepaper | May 1, 2017
Rio: The Legacy - A report by the International Olympic Committee   

The IOC has a released a report, showcasing the ways Rio was "made a better place" by the presence of the 2016 Summer Games. More>>

Tokyo2020 Whitepaper | February 1, 2016
Report: Tokyo's High-Level Principles for Sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games   

Tokyo has released its report on the plan to create a sustainable and eco-friendly 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. More>>

Olympic Rings Whitepaper | February 1, 2015
Bidding for the Olympics: Fool's Gold?   

While much is promised to cities who bid on the Olympics, the reality may not live up to the hype. More>>

CEO_Logo Whitepaper | December 1, 2014
The Impact of the Olympic Games on Tourism in Sports   

While some cities are shying away from hosting the Olympic Games, there can be little doubt of their tremendous impact on tourism. More>>



blank Article | July 21, 2017
Engaging Volunteers: Lessons from Real Life

By: Mark Lucas

No matter whether they’re presented in a major stadium or in a school gymnasium, sports are engaging and fun. They get crowds excited, build pride...   More>>

blank Article | July 21, 2017
Competitive Cheer & Dance: Where We Are, Where We're Going

By: Jim Lord

The world of competitive cheer and dance continues to evolve. It used to be the sport was confined to the sidelines, where a pep squad jumped up and...   More>>

Shooting Article | July 12, 2017
Some Shooting Sports on the Outs Internationally: What Event Owners Need to Know

By: Mary Helen Sprecher

The Olympic Games have evolved and with them, the sports presented. Some aspects of sports were eliminated (compulsory figures in ice skating) and...   More>>

NoGames Article | July 12, 2017
A History Lesson: Why Denver Snubbed the 1976 Olympics

By: Mary Helen Sprecher

Cities used to rush the Olympic bargaining table. Today, they don’t. But the roots of refusal actually stretch back nearly 50 years, to the time...   More>>

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