News | September 8, 2017
Intercollegiate Tennis Association Announces ITA Community Service Month   

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association has designated October as its ITA Community Service Month. More>>

Article | September 6, 2017
US Open by the Numbers: Court is Back in Session in NYC   

September might mean back to school, but in Manhattan, it’s back to the court as a sea of tennis fans swarms into the subways, en route to the... More>>

Article | September 6, 2017
‘Average Joe’ Tournaments Bringing USA Table Tennis Out of the Basement, Into the Limelight   

The ‘Average Joe’ initiative at USA Table Tennis is aimed at driving sports tourism on the most user-friendly level possible: the entry level. By... More>>

Whitepaper | September 1, 2017
2016-2017 High School Athletics Participation Survey   

For the 28th year, participation in high school sports increased, as tracked by the National Federation of State High School Associations. More>>

News | August 28, 2017
Henry Resources West Texas Tennis Classic to Feature Bryan Brothers in Midland, TX   

The world’s greatest doubles team of Mike and Bob Bryan, along with other tennis luminaries, will be in Midland Texas, this fall. More>>

| August 28, 2017
USTA Announces Innovations for US Open 2017   

The United States Tennis Association announced in-game innovations across a variety of events at the 2017 US Open in New York City. More>>

News | August 25, 2017
Tennis 'Innovation Challenge' Finalists To Present Aug. 28 in New York City   

The Tennis Industry Innovation Challenge puts innovative sports products and services center stage for a unique competition in NYC. More>>

News | August 22, 2017
USTA Announces US Open Wheelchair Competition   

The USTA has announced the 2017 US Open Wheelchair Competition, to be held Sept. 7-10 in Flushing, N.Y. More>>

News | August 16, 2017
Oracle, ITA to Bring Collegiate Championships to Indian Wells This Fall   

The Oracle ITA National Fall Championships will be held November 2-5, 2017, at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and other resort locations. More>>

News | August 15, 2017
USTA Announces US Open Experience in Historic Seaport District   

The United States Tennis Association announced the first-ever “US Open Experience,” a two-day event in the historic Seaport District NYC. More>>

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