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Article | March 22, 2017
Lessons Learned: When Officials Don’t Set an Example   

File this one under “an illustration of irony.” An arena official in charge of oversight was found to have skipped the line in order to get the... More>>

Article | March 20, 2017
Head for the Mountains   

Purple mountain majesties, big skies and visitor-friendly venues make the mountain region of the U.S. a natural for sports events. Event owners... More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
New Las Vegas eSports Arena Aiming for Millennial Audience   

If you still need more proof that eSports are a viable revenue generator, look no further than Las Vegas, which opened a new 15,000-square-foot venue... More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
Legislation in Illinois and Wisconsin Targets Pokémon Go   

Hey, Pikachu. If you want to play in the park, you’re going to need a permit. Following last summer’s Pokémon Go craze, in which people chased... More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
Utah Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary of 2002 Winter Olympic   

Hard to believe that 2017 marked 15 years since Salt Lake City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee made its... More>>

Article | March 8, 2017
Survey: People Care More About Venues than Olympic Glory   

While the sports business world has always understood the interest in the Olympics, it’s apparent people know where it all begins. A new survey has... More>>

Article | February 22, 2017
Post-Olympics Rio: Bills Due, Venues Empty   

We’ve all heard about former Olympic venues, once basking in glory, now left abandoned and decaying. It appears the latest city to fall into that... More>>

Article | February 22, 2017
Daytona 500 by the Numbers: Cars, Crowds and...Solar Panels?   

Forget robins, Easter baskets and little flowers. The first sign that spring is around the corner includes the roar of engines and the screech of... More>>

Article | February 8, 2017
When Domed Structures Are No Match for Mother Nature   

We’re into the season of ice and snow (no kidding), and it’s driving sports events indoors in many areas of the U.S. But what happens when domes... More>>

Article | January 30, 2017
Looking for a New Home for Your Event?   

Finding that perfect spot for your event, the one with a combination of great surroundings, affordability, the right venues and friendly people, is... More>>

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