May 27, 2020 | Sports Destination Management
#134: May 27, 2020
High School Sports Ready to Take the Field…in Stages

High School Sports Ready to Take the Field…in Stages

With many states starting the reopening process, high school sports may be on the way back as well, at least in certain areas. In some cases, that means baseball and softball, while other jurisdictions are eyeing spring football. Here's a look at the plans as well as the precautions they'll be observing when the student athletes take the field. more

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Destination Spotlight

Play PNW Sports: Snohomish County, Washington

Welcome to PNW Sports! In Snohomish County, Washington, dedication to your successful event is our badge of honor. Located in northwest Washington State, nestled between the sparkling blue waters of Puget Sound and the rugged, snow-capped Cascade Mountains, Snohomish County begins 15 miles from Seattle. Here are five good reasons to play here. more

Play PNW Sports: Snohomish County, Washington
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Featured Destination
Seven Reasons You Should Play in Edmond

Seven Reasons You Should Play in Edmond

Edmond invites athletes to utilize state-of-the-art sports facilities and enjoy the city's charm. With the ability to host all types of sports (on land or on water) and events of all sizes for all abilities, Edmond should be your first call when it comes to hosting. We've rounded up the top seven reasons why you should play in Edmond, Oklahoma! more

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In other news and commentary...
New Guidelines for Safe Reopening of Sports, Live Events

As the U.S. works toward what might be its soft reopening (with some states going a little softer than others), the sports industry is feeling its way toward that much-hated term, the new normal, as well. Some new documents with guidelines for live events could help make things easier; after all, who hasn't wanted a road map for unfamiliar territory? more

With a Vaccine Under Review, Will Youth Sports Develop a Policy?

If an anti-COVID vaccine becomes available, will youth sports require it? It's impossible to say, considering that a vaccine is still in the developmental stages - and nowhere near being offered, much less required. But judging from the pushback over other vaccines, from polio to measles to the flu, we can expect a fight - and a need for a policy. more

The Sports and Fitness Industry Was Growing. Then Came COVID-19

If it hadn't been for that virus, it would have been a great year for sports. That might sound like sour grapes but in this case, it's true. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association's 2020 State of the Industry Report, the industry grew nearly a little less than five percent in one year. So what was growing? Read on and find out. more

National Senior Games Adopts New Rules for Cancelled State Qualifiers

With COVID-19 putting the brakes on almost every state games, national multi-sport events that require athletes to qualify at their local level find themselves in a difficult position. Events that cater to senior athletes are even harder hit. The National Senior Games Association, however, has found a solution that could serve as a template for others. more

Call of Duty: U.S. Army Turns to Esports for Recruitment Tactics

With walk-in recruiting stations, community fairs and high school presentations (previously some of its most effective avenues of enlistment) shut down for now, the U.S. Army has a new battle plan to attract troops. This one is driven by an elite squadron of esports professionals. The new strategy plays out in (wait for it) Call of Duty tournaments. more

AAU Walks Back Promise to Host June Youth Volleyball Tournament

Did the AAU jump the gun in announcing its junior volleyball championship would go on as scheduled? It appears someone thought so. While one announcement (made less than 10 days ago) noted the June event in Orlando would be going forward, AAU almost immediately had to walk that back. Here's what went down, what was at stake and what was said. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: STUNT

Inside Events: STUNT

In a season full of cancelled competitions and closed-down campuses, USA Cheer has some welcome good news. STUNT, the organization's all-female sport, has been added to the NCAA's roster of Emerging Sports for Women. It now begins to make the climb to championship sport status. USA Cheer's Lauri Harris caught up with SDM to share the inside intel. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

USA Archery has announced the recipients of its college 2020 All-American Academic Team Awards. The program allows archers to compete on a national level with their scholastic peers. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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