May 25, 2022 | Sports Destination Management
#183: May 25, 2022
HBCU Sports Making Their Mark

HBCU Sports: Four Cities, Four Events, Four Comebacks

Four pieces of great news came to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) sport sector last week - three on the same day alone. And while the sports they represent couldn't be more different, the impact they bring is noteworthy across the board. Here's a review of those events and what they mean for the destinations that host them. more

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Destination Spotlight

Nebraska's Fastest-Growing City Gives Events the Attention They Deserve

Lincoln, Nebraska just keeps growing. Not only is its population increasing but its sports venues are expanding as well. In fact, three facilities alone offer 20 indoor basketball courts, 35 indoor volleyball courts, two indoor synthetic turf fields and almost 30 outdoor synthetic turf and natural grass fields. Learn more about this destination. more

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Featured Destination
Knock Your Next Sports Event Out of the Park in Greenville, North Carolina!

Knock Your Next Sports Event Out of the Park in Greenville, North Carolina!

Greenville is a growing and thriving university-medical city, and a hub of educational, economic and cultural activity in Eastern North Carolina, not to mention a sports LOVING city! more

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In other news and commentary...
Frontrunners, Dark Horses and Spoilers in the FIFA World Cup Hosting Question

It's no secret by now that FIFA will be making its announcement about the host cities for the 2026 World Cup in mid-June. In the meantime, two things are running rampant: speculation and the spin cycle. Here is an inside look at what is being said about the cities under consideration for the most talked-about hosting honors in a long time. more

Forget Three Strikes. Yelling at Refs Now Merits Zero Tolerance Policy

In this month alone, three completely unrelated pieces of news hit the radar screen. Separately, they might not have rated a blip. Taken together, though, these three items - all related to fan behavior toward game officials in youth sports - show a growing trend and a distinct message: Shut up or leave and don't come back. Learn more here. more

Get Your Bid On: Major League Quidditch

Interested in hosting something truly different - and guaranteed to draw media attention to your destination? Major League Quidditch (MLQ) has two bidding opportunities available: its MLQ Championship (held over a weekend) and its MLQ Series and SuperSeries. Both events have a bid due date of September 1, 2022. Ready to bid? Grab your broomstick. more

With World Cup Rugby Still a Decade Away, What Will Change?

The news earlier this month that the U.S. will host the Rugby World Cup in 2031 and 2033 has resulted in a flurry of activity - everything from cities announcing they would be bidding on hosting to discussions about the potential for the sport's growth in this country and the need for more purpose-built venues. Catch up with all that - and more - here. more

Mile-High Regulations: Is It Safe to Pack CBD for When Flying?

While cannabis has been legalized in many states, its adoption nationwide and worldwide has been uneven. That means regulations vary concerning its legality when traveling. And with air travel ramping back up, more people are questioning whether CBD products (used to relieve pain and stress) are legal under TSA's regulations. Here are some answers. more

How Will Drought Restrictions Affect California Sports This Summer?

California's drought continues this summer and officials have responded by tightening restrictions on water use. This has affected not just homeowners who want to water their lawns but tourist attractions, including spray parks, as well as swimming pools. Does it stand the chance of impacting sports tourism? Here are some key insights for planners. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: USA Breakin

Inside Events: USA Breakin'

When breakdancing (breakin') was announced as a showcase sport at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, much of the USA was surprised. The breakin' aficionados in this country, however, were overjoyed - a home-grown sport was going to be featured on the world's biggest stage. USA Breakin' wants to harness that enthusiasm and use it to grow the sport. Learn how. more

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The Pepsi National Battle of the Bands presented by Toyota, promoting HCBU marching bands, will be held on August 27 at NRG Stadium, hosted by Harris County-Houston Sports Authority | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Last word...

"I felt what I almost always feel when I am watching a ballgame: Just for those two or three hours, there is really no place I would rather be."

~ Baseball essayst Roger Angell, who died last week at 101.

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