May 11, 2022 | Sports Destination Management
#182: May 11, 2022
Spring Break

Spring Break Emerges as Unexpected Hero in Economic Recovery

It’s the truest definition of an unlikely savior. The most recent hero of economic impact, in the face of all kinds of uncertainty, was spring break. The (some say) unholy alliance of college students, alcohol and tourism blasted hotel performance through the roof in March. Will destinations reconsider its importance in the hosting equation? more

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Destination Spotlight

Rocky Mount, NC - A World-Class Sports Event Destination

Rocky Mount, North Carolina, has long been a vital sports destination for North Carolina and the surrounding region. The Rocky Mount Sports Complex, a 143-acre, multi-use facility is conveniently located and ready to host a variety of sports – with plenty of lodging and eateries available. more

Rocky Mount, NC - A World-Class Sports Event Destination
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Featured Destination
Wicomico County: Great for Endurance Events

Wicomico County: Great for Endurance Events

Flat roads, scenic trails and water access are all attributes that make Wicomico County, Maryland, a great place to host endurance events. more

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In other news and commentary...
No Horsing Around: Athletes React to Obstacle Racing in Modern Pentathlon

Those who thought cycling was going to replace horseback riding as part of modern pentathlon – well, that ship has sailed. And so have the ships of pillow fighting, drone racing and inline skating. The sport has begun hosting test events with obstacle racing as the newest discipline. And (no surprise) opinion among athletes is mixed. Here’s more. more

Cities Want Money, Municipal Courses Want to Survive. Which Will Win?

Bad news came for users of a municipal golf course in Louisville, who found out their nine-hole facility could be eliminated and turned into “diverse and active parkland” under a local conservancy’s proposal. It’s part of a nationwide trend as munis struggle to survive as land developers and others offer cash-strapped cities money for courses. more

Can Airbnb’s “No Party House” Rule Affect Tournament Travelers?

It’s not like Airbnb wants to be a party-pooper. It just wants its guests to be better neighbors. The home-sharing platform announced “strict anti-party measures” for Memorial Day weekend for the first time and will reapply the same approach for July 4th weekend — something it did last with good results. Will it affect sports travel, and if so, how? more

Travelers Can Use Airline Miles to Move Ukrainian Refugees to Safety

It was only a matter of time until the travel industry came up with a way to help those fleeing the violence in Ukraine – and here it is. By using the direct method of donating airline miles, it is possible to ensure that individuals and families get out of war-torn areas and into safety. Learn about the various programs (and how you can help) here. more

Inclusive Sensory Spaces More Popular in Sports Venues Than Ever

Are sensory-friendly spaces coming to more sports venues than ever? It sure looks that way. Following the lead of many NBA arenas who wanted to make the gameday experience less overwhelming for fans with autism, the practice of offering areas for neurodiverse individuals is accelerating nationwide, even in ballparks, playgrounds and nature trails. more

GAISF, Planning to Dissolve, Plans for Long-Term Multi-Sport Event

It might not be the dictionary definition of irony but it’s close. The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), set to be dissolved this year, held a ceremony noting that Saudi Arabia will host the 2023 World Combat Games, an international multi-sport festival. But who’s going to run and govern this fight club? Nobody seems to know. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: Senior Softball-USA

Inside Events: Senior Softball-USA

Want to meet an active, thriving organization? Here's one. Senior Softball-USA sanctions tournaments and championships, registers players, writes the rulebook, puts on international softball tours and promotes senior softball throughout the world. Find out what it takes to host the more than 1.5 million men and women over 40 who play the sport nationwide. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales made a special guest appearance at Oaklawn Racing, Casino and Resort in Hot Springs, Arkansas this past weekend. Fun fact: A Dalmatian came too | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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Last word...

“I would’ve won more titles. I think without that energy that I spent [arguing with line judges and umpires] my results would’ve been better. But I would’ve been more boring.’’

-Tennis great John McEnroe, discussing how electronic line calling might have changed his career

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