August 18, 2021 | Sports Destination Management
#165: August 18, 2021
Head Protection Mandates in Girls' Lacrosse? Not This Year

Head Protection Mandates in Girls' Lacrosse? Not This Year

Those who had been holding their breath about whether the new girls' high school lacrosse rules would include head protection can exhale now. It may be a sigh of relief or a hiss of frustration; the recently released rules don't mandate helmets, although they do allow for some personal choices on the part of the player. Learn more here. more

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Destination Spotlight

Find Your Place in the Sun in Asheville!

If you haven't considered Asheville, North Carolina, as your next host site, you're missing out. In addition to our great weather and warm southern hospitality, this area is a dynamic destination, filled with ideal venues and a backed by a welcoming community just filled with nice surprises for those who visit. more

Find Your Place in the Sun in Asheville!
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Featured Destination
The Roebbelen Center @the Grounds Can

The Roebbelen Center @the Grounds Can't Wait to Welcome Athletes

The Roebbelen Center located @the Grounds has space for your event inside and out, on a beautiful, brand-new 55-acre campus. more

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In other news and commentary...
Nominate NOW for 2020 & 2021 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism

SDM wants to salute events held in either 2020 or 2021 that have helped our industry not just survive but thrive. New this year is a special category, “Sports Heroes of the Pandemic” - those who managed to put on events against all odds in 2020. Click here to learn more (and to enter) your 2020 or 2021 event! more

Up for Bid: Davis Cup Qualifying Tie Event in 2022

International tennis, anyone? The USTA has announced it is seeking a venue for a potential Davis Cup Qualifying Tie event in early 2022. Interested in hosting? You'll need the appropriate facilities, the ability to work closely with the USTA and a desire to create community partnerships. Great rewards await. Deadline is a month from now. And....go! more

Which Sports Will be Showcased in Los Angeles in 2028?

The biggest competition in the U.S. right now isn't on a field or court or pool; it's playing out in board rooms, on social media and in conventions and meeting rooms everywhere. It's the lobby to be included among the showcase sports in Los Angeles in 2028. Baseball and softball are considered a shoo-in but who else is at the table? more

Corporate Games Bring Field Day Back to Life

Remember Field Day in school? It was basically a day-long outdoor recess - with kids engaged in racing, playing and enjoying good-natured competition - generally for nothing more than bragging rights. Corporate games, usually organized by a sports commission, capture that same spirit, with the additional element of team building. Learn more here. more

North Carolina High School Athletics Association Under Fire from State

Anytime a governing body undergoes public scrutiny, there's the potential for disruption to the sporting events it sanctions. While it's too early to know what will happen with high school sports in North Carolina, it's worth keeping an eye on efforts by state lawmakers to strip the North Carolina High School Athletic Association of its power. more

Olympic Ski Mountaineering Could Drive Interest in Winter Events

2026 is five years off but in Milan/Cortina, they're already celebrating the addition of a new showcase sport to the Winter Olympics program, ski mountaineering (SkiMo in winter sports parlance). It's fast, extreme and it has backcountry action at its finest. What is the potential for echo events in the USA, once the SkiMo ripples start spreading? more

Inside Events
Inside Events: Wrestle Like A Girl

Inside Events: Wrestle Like A Girl

One of the USA's gold medals won by female athletes in Tokyo went to wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock, and that is great news for Wrestle Like A Girl, a national advocacy organization. The sport is growing at the high school level, as well as in colleges nationwide. Hear what founder Sally Roberts has to say about the sport and its goals for the future. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Baseball and softball players showcased their skills in Wicomico County from Aug. 5-8 at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex for the Baseball and Softball Youth All-American Games | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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July/August 2021

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"Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it. Try, and decide for yourself."

~ Juan Jose Mendez Fernandez, Paralympic Cyclist

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