June 03, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #12: June 03, 2015

Could FIFA Scandal Bring the World Cup to the USA Sooner?

The sports event planning industry awoke last week to watch the rest of the world learn what it had suspected all along: the FIFA process for awarding World Cup bids was corrupt. But while the rest of the world waits to see the drama that plays out in a courtroom, this industry is on the alert regarding the possible site of the next World Cups.

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Destination Spotlight

The Famously Hot Sports Scene of Columbia, South Carolina

South Carolina's capital city welcomes sports of every kind to enjoy the Columbia championship experience. Tennis, running, baseball, soccer and rowing events all can find a home here. In addition, competitive dance, cheer and other indoor pursuits will find capital facilities. And when the games come to an end, the fun factor of Columbia kicks in. Visitors will find world-class attractions like the South Carolina State House and Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, as well as a host of others, to put the icing on the sports destination cake. With an easy-to-reach location, a host of accommodations and multiple options for dining, Columbia is a natural choice.

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In other news and commentary...
Again: In Louisiana, Jindal's Religious Freedom Order Threatens Tourism

Louisiana lawmakers learned something from the effect of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act on Indiana's tourism market. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, not so much. After state lawmakers shelved a divisive religious objections bill, Jindal, courting Christian conservatives for a likely presidential bid, raised the ire of tourism officials by trying to enact the bill's provisions without legislative support.

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ASTM Standard for Women's Lacrosse Headgear Approved

The official US Lacrosse philosophy regarding protective headgear for women has changed. It is now: You don't have to wear it, but if you do wear it, we're going to make sure it meets our specifications. After much debate, a headgear performance standard for women's lacrosse was formally approved by the ASTM Committee F08 that oversees sports equipment.

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From Sports Venues to White Elephants: Cities Consider Repurposing

While some former Olympic host cities make the most out of the infrastructure built for the games - Lake Placid, NY, host of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, still uses many of the venues purpose-built for the events - in other cases, decaying facilities are a sad reminder of money that a nation's or region's citizens could ill afford.

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Fast Turnaround for International-Use Field

Plenty of event owners need a sports field that can be ready in a hurry after a rain - but what about one that is ready after the current field doesn't come up to scratch - and in time for an international-level competition? That was the issue facing officials at Singapore Sports Hub ahead of the Southeast Asian Games.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: Spartan Race

Obstacle races are a different breed of event from a traditional 5K and as such, they demand a different site selection process. The Spartan Race, considered one of the premier challenge races, offers events of varying length and difficulty. Brian Duncanson, vice president of real estate for the organization, explains what athletes want in a race, and what goes into picking a location.

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May/June 2015

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