September 06, 2023 | Sports Destination Management
#214: September 06, 2023
SDM Awards Program


We know sports tourism is a $45.1 billion industry, and we know you have played a role in building that number. Don't you want to try for some recognition? SDM is taking nominations for its 2023 awards program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism, and wants industry members to enter. Deadline is THIS FRIDAY, September 8. more

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Destination Spotlight

Sports Competitions Win Big at Legends Event Center in Bryan, Texas

Having opened in December 2022, Legends Event Center is a state-of-the-art indoor sporting and event facility located in the heart of Travis Bryan Midtown Park in Bryan, Texas. The 122,300-square-foot venue, the largest of its kind in the region, is the destination hub for indoor sports ranging from futsal to pickleball, in the Lone Star State. more

Sports Competitions Win Big at Legends Event Center in Bryan, Texas
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Featured Destination
Experience the Best of Tennis and Pickleball at Parkside Fitness

Experience the Best of Tennis and Pickleball at Parkside Fitness

There's a state-of-the-art tennis and pickleball facility in Pekin, Illinois, with indoor and outdoor courts for year-round play. more

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In other news and commentary...
Proposed Federal Legislation Would Lower Cost of Youth Sports

Families with children in sports have long railed against the ever-increasing costs of registration. And for a long time, their complaints have fallen into a vacuum. Now, however, some relief could be in sight. Bipartisan legislation aimed at providing tax credits for families to lower some of those costs will soon be making its way through Congress. more

Get in the Game: NAIA Football National Championship RFP

Hosting college football. What could be better? How about hosting a college football championship? The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) has an RFP for its Football National Championship in 2025 and 2026. You supply the facilities, they'll bring the teams, the spectators and all the enthusiasm you'd expect. Learn more here. more

What Stadium and Arena Operators Should Know About EV Charging Stations

Sports and entertainment venues are at the forefront of the sustainability movement. Many venues are leading the way for buildings of all kinds with successful waste reduction and recycling, alternative energy and water efficiency programs. Offering electric vehicle charging stations is a logical next step. Here are some strategies for success. more

The Spirit Industry: Off the Sidelines and into the Spotlight

Cheer has cemented its place as one of the most popular group sports in the U.S. It remains firmly in the top ten among high school sports, and all-star cheer programs (meaning those not associated with schools) are flourishing as well. Why all this growth, though? Let's look at some important factors, with insights from USA Cheer's Lauri Harris. more

As More Teams Press for (Already Limited) Playing Space, Who Has Priority?

Sportsplexes can fill fields and courts with tournaments every weekend. But during the week, there are often problems with scheduling on a local level. Schools and rec leagues may have conflicts over who gets to use the facilities (and when), and should a team move into championship position, it can cause even more friction. Here are some examples. more

NFHS: High School Sports Showing Strong Gains

Here's great news from NFHS: High school sports participation is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Even better: Boys' wrestling made a 10 percent gain. Girls' wrestling jumped (wait for it) 55 percent. On the boys' side, tennis overtook golf for eighth place, and for girls, basketball and competitive spirit increased. Oh, and NFHS now tracks esports. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: Pickleball 4America

Inside Events: Pickleball 4America

If you doubted the grip pickleball has on U.S. culture these days, consider this: Over two weekends in July and August, the sport held court at two big-name Major League Baseball stadiums, with kids' clinics, pro-am matches and other surprises, including a television deal. The series is coming to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2024, too. Here's more. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The Wisconsin Section of the PGA (WPGA) hosted its annual Pro-Am to benefit PGA REACH Wisconsin on August 21 at the North Hills Country Club in Menomonee Falls with 120 participants | Instagram | Twitter/X | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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July/August 2023

In this issue, we reach midsummer and my favorite time of the year: the opening of awards season. SDM wants its readers to nominate events for the program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism. Our industry is a force to be reckoned with, and you have played a role in it, so take a moment to enter. This industry also showcases lacrosse, running and road sports and combat sports (all three of those have ancient roots) as well as a newer sport with a North American pedigree: cheer, and sports venues made by nature. Happy reading. more

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Last word...

"I talk to student-athletes. I try to get them to remember they're not just athletes but student-athletes. You need to get an education, keep your hands clean and represent the university."

~ Earl Campbell, retired NFL running back

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