May 31, 2023 | Sports Destination Management
#207: May 31, 2023
Gun Violence

Gun Violence Landing USA on International Travel Advisories

Countries outside the USA are warning their travelers about gun violence here. Most of those are telling people to take precautions and to learn active shooter protocols, but at least one has labeled the country a "no-go" zone. Some experts say it could affect international tourism to events like the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympics. more

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Destination Spotlight

Discover Lancaster: A Sport-cation Destination

Lancaster County in southeast Pennsylvania is easily accessible by road and air. In addition to its convenient location, Lancaster has over 1 million square feet of combined and flexible event space. Whether events play out on fields, mats, a pool, stage or track, Lancaster can accommodate many needs (and offer many options for post-game fun). more

Discover Lancaster: A Sport-cation Destination
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Featured Destination
Hosting a Successful Event is a Breeze in Erie, PA

Hosting a Successful Event is a Breeze in Erie, PA

Erie, Pennsylvania is a great sportscation destination. Hear about how we hosted the Strongman Corporation, then learn about coming here yourself. more

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In other news and commentary...
That Time the World Cup Trophy Was Stolen and a Dog Found It

The 2026 World Cup will mark not just a three-nation hosting of the event, but also the 60th anniversary of one of the strangest chapters in FIFA history. In 1966, the World Cup trophy was stolen from a special events venue in England, the host nation that year. A mad scramble ensued to retrieve the trophy. And the finder was a dog named Pickles. more

Get Your BID On: World Triathlon Championship Events

World Triathlon, the sport's international governing body, invites bidders for a range of events, including the 2025 and 2026 World Triathlon Championship Finals, the 2024 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay Championships and the 2026 World Triathlon Multisport Championships. Other championships are up for grabs as well. Find everything you need here. more

Universities Offering Esports Majors, Specialized Management Programs

A U.S. District Judge recently ruled that esports is not a "sport" as it relates to Title IX compliance. But some university academic administrators clearly view videogaming as a sport as well as an academic pursuit with a future. In fact, they are treating it the way they do other sports by launching new degreed programs in esports management. more

Neglected Hawai'i Park Serves as Case Study for Municipal Facilities Nationwide

This is happening in Hawai'i but it's really a case study of sports facilities in parks across the USA, with takeaways for everyone. A run-down municipal area, which has become the target of vandalism and vagrancy, is undergoing a restoration plan, thanks to some proactive input. What can Oahu's Makalapa Neighborhood Park teach the sports industry? more

National Treasure Tripped Up the Triple Crown - Is Belmont the Irrelevant Stakes?

With Kentucky Derby winner Mage's third-place finish at the Preakness, will the Belmont Stakes now be referred to as the Irrelevant Stakes? How to put this nicely? Yes. But also no. A number of compelling storylines could drive attendance, interest, TV viewership and, of course, betting dollars. Here's an examination of some of those factors. more

More Baseball Opportunities as Miracle League Continues to Make Gains

Miracle Leagues, meant to make baseball accessible to those with mental and physical disabilities, are on the grow in the U.S. Since the opening of the first Miracle League field in 2000, there are now more than 350 Miracle League organizations in North America (including Canada and Puerto Rico) that serve more than 450,000 children and adults. more

Inside Events
Ripken Baseball

Ripken Baseball's Acquisition of Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center

The news that Ripken Baseball® had acquired Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center landed on the national sports business radar with an impact like a meteor. A baseball-oriented entity and a facility with multiple rectangular fields… is Ripken moving into lacrosse and soccer? Here's Michael Kenney, CEO of Ripken Baseball, to explain it all. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Nearly 2,000 spectators came to Florida's National Polo Center and other area venues to celebrate the LEXUS International Gay Polo Tournament Presented by Douglas Elliman Real Estate | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook

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Last word...

"Teammates are there for each other even after the noise of the crowd is gone."

~ Jim Brown, pro football hall of famer and civil rights activist, who died on May 19 at age 87

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