May 15, 2024 | Sports Destination Management
#231: May 15, 2024
Forgeries, Fraud and Forfeitures Gavel

Forgeries, Fraud and Forfeitures: Over-Age Youth Athletes

Headlines exploded last year when a 32-year-old social worker was arrested for posing as a high school student and playing on the girls' basketball team. But it's not the first time over-age athletes have shoehorned themselves into youth sports, and as coaches look the other way and parents continue redshirting their kids, it won't be the last. more

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Destination Spotlight

Celebrating the History and Majesty of the Horse

Set on 1,200 acres of that legendary Kentucky bluegrass in the "Horse Capital of the World," the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington is one of a kind: a working horse farm, an educational theme park and an equine competition facility. And when it comes to destinations for equine events (as well as other sports), it belongs in the winner's circle. more

Celebrating the History and Majesty of the Horse
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Featured Destination
Bill Noble Park: A Beacon of Community and Recreation

Bill Noble Park: A Beacon of Community and Recreation

Bill Noble Park isn't just a facility; it is the centerpiece of a community that embraces the joy of competition and sport. more

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In other news and commentary...
Fueled by a Shortage of Courts, Tennis/Pickleball Tensions Escalate

Some things never change. One of them is the tension between the playing populations for tennis and pickleball. Some blogs and writers are taking sides. One headline declared: "Pickleball is Killing Tennis." Another read "Why Tennis Snobs Hate Pickleball Players." No matter your thoughts, there's one point of agreement: Venues are caught in the middle. more

Youth Rugby Programs for Girls Working to Bolster Sport's U.S. Presence

Amid efforts to make women's rugby an NCAA championship sport by developing at least 40 programs at colleges and universities around the country, high school girls' rugby is having a moment. The United States will host World Cups for rugby in 2031 for men and 2033 for women and the sport is already working to build the buzz by hosting youth events. more

Get Your BID On: World Triathlon Events

World Triathlon is welcoming bids for a variety of events to be held in 2025. Here's some incentive: The organization's top-tier events are broadcast in 22 countries (or larger regions) including the biggest global markets. All the documents you need are right here. Application deadline is July 15 – which isn't that far off, when you think about it. more

Sporting Goods Manufacturers Report Shows Pickleball, Team Sports Up

If you want to know what sport is growing, find out what equipment people are buying in stores and online. It will come as a surprise to exactly nobody that this year, pickleball paddles and balls had the highest sales growth, nearly 31 percent, in the SFIA's "2024 Manufacturers' Sales by Category" Report. What else did well? Team sports, of course. more

#Goals: Can the USA Become the No. 1 Tennis-Playing Nation in the World?

May brings National Tennis Month, according to the United States Tennis Association, with all the fanfare you'd expect. Except there's a twist: Our friends at USTA have set an audacious goal: to have 10% of the U.S. population playing tennis by the year 2035 to make the U.S. the number one tennis-playing nation in the world. Possible or pie in the sky? more

Using Sports Facilities as Classrooms to Promote Trade Careers

Here's something you don't see every day: Pro athletes working to guide students toward careers in the trades by showing them what needs to be done to keep a sports facility humming. Philadelphia Phillies and NEST have launched a dynamic initiative aimed at helping Philadelphia-area high school youth find their place in the skilled trades. Here's more. more

Inside Events
Amateur Athletic Union

Amateur Athletic Union

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is a multi-sport youth sports organization that, in addition to impressive membership numbers, has 100,000-plus volunteers. Beyond tournaments like the AAU Junior Olympics and the Junior National Volleyball championships, AAU offers programming for education, athlete safety and underprivileged youth. Learn more here. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

National Archery in the Schools (NASP) kicked off another season at the Western National Tournament in Sandy, Utah. The total of 2,350 student archers was the highest ever for this event | Instagram | X | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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May/June 2024 Surfing Cover

May/June 2024

Each of our issues celebrates a change of seasons. This one hits mailboxes just as spring is edging into the beautiful golden time of summer, when baseball, softball, fishing and beach volleyball, as well as plenty of other sports (including surfing, featured on our cover), move front and center in our collective consciousness. This issue also arrives as the 2024 Olympics are on final approach to Paris. That makes this summer an all-around great time to be an athlete, a hosting community, an event owner or even a fan. Let's dive in. more

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Last word...

"Well, if I had won a major, maybe I'd be in a different side of the business. Maybe I'd be playing the Champions Tour and designing golf courses instead of being on TV."

~ Peter Oosterhuis, beloved Masters analyst, who died recently at age 76

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