May 13, 2020 | Sports Destination Management
#133: May 13, 2020
Youth Baseball Makes Post-Lockdown Debut

Youth Baseball Makes Post-Lockdown Debut

Play ball...carefully. That was the message in St. Louis over the weekend where a youth baseball game took place. And yes, social distancing was involved. Sort of. "I think we did our best, for having 12-year-old boys who don't always listen," a parent noted. Nationwide, there are signs of a resurgence as youth sports events tiptoe back into the arena. more

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Destination Spotlight

Envision Your Event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds

Want a destination that is versatile, easy to reach and fun? Meet the Missouri State Fairgrounds, a winning combination of location, flexible facilities and experienced staff. Year-round, the Fairgrounds host a diverse range of events including livestock shows, camping rallies, sporting events and more. more

Envision Your Event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds
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Featured Destination

Arizona's New Top Tournament Destination

The city of Surprise has everything planners need in a sports tournament destination, with nationally recognized facilities, year-round sunshine, plenty of fun things to do and an events team committed to success. And after hosting more than 100 events and tournaments per year, Surprise has a proven track record. Find your place in the sun here. more

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In other news and commentary...
Organizers Scrambling to Avoid a Year Without a Triple Crown

With the Kentucky Derby moving to the end of the summer (and increasingly being nicknamed the "Labor Derby"), the question is when or even whether the Preakness, the next event in racing's Triple Crown, will take place. Officials recently shot down a report saying it would be in October. And what about the Belmont Stakes in COVID-hit New York? more

Post-COVID Sports: Stadium Disinfecting Drones, Cardboard Spectators

What will sports look like in a post-COVID-19 era? While sports are announcing their comeback events, the spectator side is an example of entrepreneurial one-upmanship, with companies hawking everything from drones that can be used crop duster-style to spray disinfectant onto stadium seats, to computer programs creating cardboard fans to fill spaces. more

Major Efforts to Bring Back Youth Sports: Are You Involved?

Multiple efforts are underway across the U.S. to support and bring youth sports back to active play. And those efforts are only as strong as people's ability to band together and support the entire youth sports industry as a whole, not one sport. "We can't work in silos," one organizer said, "We have to work together. That way, we can move forward." more

Late Summer/Early Fall Being Targeted as Restart Date

Is late summer when the industry will hit the restart button? While it's impossible to say exactly when COVID-19 will cease to be a threat (and even harder to tell when parents will feel comfortable traveling with their children to participate in large group sports events), some are positioning their events' comebacks for late summer and early fall. more

Open for Business and Up for Bid: USA Triathlon's National Championships

Need more proof the sports tourism industry is moving forward? USA Triathlon has it. The organization's 2022 and 2023 Youth and Junior Nationals, as well as its Age Group National Championships, are up for bid. Bidding documents and information are available. Note: Deadlines, some as soon as June 30, 2020, are in effect. more

The Sport Where You Don't Inhale Has Olympic Ambitions

Everyone has heard the debate of what does (and doesn't) constitute a sport, as well as what should (and shouldn't) be included in the Olympics. In the U.S., the debate generally starts because people are not familiar with a given sport. Meet kabbadi, the wannabe-Olympic sport you never heard of, in which you don't inhale until you're supposed to. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: The Varsity Esports Foundation

Inside Events: The Varsity Esports Foundation

There's no doubt that esports is exploding in popularity. And at the forefront of the movement to help put quality esports in high schools is the Varsity Esports Foundation. Executive Director Bubba Gaeddert sat down with SDM to explain why gaming is good for teens, what games are popular and why nobody should be worried about kids playing FPS games. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Want some inspiration during the COVID-19 crisis? Here's blind skateboarder Justin Bishop doing an Indy grab at a Detroit skatepark. Photo by Gaston Francisco / Red Bull Content Pool | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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