March 22, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #56: March 22, 2017

Obstacle Course Racing Gets Ready for a National Governing Body

Sit down. Take a deep breath. Brace yourself. Obstacle course racing has a national governing body. Yes, wild, muddy, take-no-prisoners OCR now has oversight. And contrary to predictions it would damage the integrity of the sport, this marks the first step on the path toward sanctioned international events. more

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Destination Spotlight

In Maryland, All Athletes Can Find Their Game

With topography as varied as the U.S. itself, Maryland is primed and ready to host any event. From mountain biking and whitewater kayaking in Western Maryland, to marlin fishing in Ocean City, to soccer in the plethora of sportsfield complexes spread across the state, to cheerleading and gymnastics events in the Baltimore City and Ocean City Convention Centers, to indoor or outdoor tennis complexes to baseball in no less than nine minor league ballparks and more, the state has much to offer. It's also accessible to travelers using any mode of transportation. In short, according to Terry Hasseltine, executive director of Maryland Sports, it's a perfect location, and one planners should be considering in their site selection decisions. more

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In other news and commentary...
Out or Safe? MLB Athletes May Not Be in the Olympics

Who's on first in Tokyo? It may not be anyone from Major League Baseball. The 2020 summer Olympics are edging closer, but MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has raised doubts over whether players will compete there, noting participation would necessitate an MLB shutdown for the duration of the Games. more

Travel Ban Could Kill USA's Chances of Hosting 2026 World Cup

When Gianni Infantino says he needs an open-door policy in countries that want to host the FIFA World Cup, he's looking at you, Donald Trump. The FIFA president has sent a clear message that nations must allow any team who qualifies and their supporters access to the country. more

The New Contact Sport: Legalized Fan Fights

Group fighting hasn't been a team sport since, oh, the days of Christians and lions, but leave it to an entrepreneur to bring it back. A (no kidding) controversial politician in Russia wants to turn so-called hooliganism (dictionary definition: fans fighting one another) into a spectator sport. more

Report: Synthetic Fields Remain Safe

If you've been waiting for answers on the safety of synthetic turf, there's good news and bad news, and the bad news has nothing to do with turf itself. And the good news will help event owners breathe a little easier as they go about selecting fields for sports. more

ACC Will Need to Look for Alternate Conference Tournament Destinations Soon

While it appears North Carolina's House Bill 2 is going nowhere (at least for now), Atlantic Coast Conference officials are now at the point where they need to take conference tournaments just about anywhere. And that means the search is on, or soon will be. more

Small Polish City Suddenly an eSports Giant

When a new 15,000-square-foot eSports facility opened March 3 in Las Vegas by hosting a Halo World Championship qualifier with $50,000 in prizes, it was a first for the United States. But it's all been-there-done-that, for Katowice, a small southwestern city in Poland. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: Rock 'n Roll Marathon

A weekend event that can bring in upwards of 50,000 participants and more than $22 million in economic impact is going to strike a good chord in any city's heart. Get to know the Rock 'n Roll Marathon, celebrating 20 years of success in 2017. more

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