March 17, 2021 | Sports Destination Management
#154: March 17, 2021
Success. Recover. Repeat. Kansas Back in Soccer Spotlight

Success. Recover. Repeat. Kansas Back in Soccer Spotlight

Success. Recover. Repeat. Overland Park is serving notice that Kansas is back in the game. Following the successful hosting of the 2019 US Youth Soccer National Championship and a promising start to 2020, the fields fell silent - temporarily. By July, the city had landed a new tournament, and in February, Heartland Soccer hosted a different sellout event. more

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Destination Spotlight

Southeastern Washington State's Dry Region Providing Year-Round Athletic Opportunities

There's a dry desert region in the Pacific Northwest (yes, really). It has plenty of space for water sports, sports fields that stay green year-round for tournaments and even a burgeoning wine scene for parents, as well as (event owners, take note) the infrastructure to host plenty of events. Welcome to the Tri-Cities region of Washington state. more

Southeastern Washington State
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Featured Destination
Play Between The Beach And The Bay in Wicomico County, Maryland

Play Between The Beach And The Bay in Wicomico County, Maryland

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, Wicomico County is ideal for athletes and families. This is not just a beautiful area, it's a convenient one, less than a three-and-a-half-hour drive for 25 percent of the U.S. population. Plus, its sports marketing team is experienced and its championship facilities are ready to host. more

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In other news and commentary...
Return of the Expo: What Event Owners Need to Know

When Surf Expo staged its winter trade show in early January at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, it marked the first in-person outdoor industry expo in nearly a year. As the sports industry continues to reopen, trade shows (which bring an additional and much needed revenue stream) will make a comeback as well. Here's how to host one. more

Forget the Sharing Economy - Food Delivery is Trending in Sports Sponsorships

The world of sports sponsorships evolves with the market. About five years ago, Airbnb was the title sponsor of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Now, with travel down but carry-out ordering booming, the sponsors du jour are DoorDash and GrubHub. The logos for app-based food deliveries are popping up everywhere. Learn more about the new trend. more

Nebraska Hosts High School Bowling Championships on Schedule, Sold Out

The Nebraska School Activities Association has advice for youth event owners: Don't keep kids waiting to play their sports. If you can put on an event safely, do it. This was the guiding philosophy that allowed the organization to successfully host the Nebraska High School Bowling Championships with more than 200 athletes and sold-out spectator space. more

U.S. Army Explores New Recruitment Field of Play: Open Water

Last year, the U.S. Army announced a new battle plan for recruitment: one that played out in the esports arena. This year's strategy builds on that, bringing the Army to high school bass fishing tournaments. Youth anglers can interact with the U.S. Army's Outdoors Team as a part of the organization's new partnership with Major League Fishing. more

Up for Bid and Open for Business: USA Artistic Swimming

The beautiful athleticism of synchronized swimming is an Olympic discipline, and its governing body is looking for homes for its events. Even better, it's interested in multi-year contracts. Take a deep dive to find out what USA Artistic Swimming needs and how you can get on deck to host its competitive events in 2022, 2023 and 2024. more

Up for Bid and Open for Business: UCI Cycling Championships and World Cups

On the road. On the track. On the mountain. In the arena. In the city. In the black. International competitive cycling, which brings with it not just excellent tourism and media attention but exponential economic impact, is up for bid. The UCI, the world governing body of cycling, has noted a variety of disciplines available. Find out here. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: The 2022 Tuber Bowl™

Inside Events: The 2022 Tuber Bowl™

Not long after the Super Bowl, the inaugural 2022 Tuber Bowl™ was announced. It is a championship in, of all things, snow tubing, and is set not just to bring in visitors and create use, but to showcase the facilities in this Adirondack destination. And the reaction of the sports event industry was, naturally, "Why didn't anyone think of this before?" more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Thanks to USA Bobsled/Skeleton for this great shot! Elana Meyers Taylor won gold in the women's monobob in the team trials held in Park City, Utah in early March. Photo by Molly Choma | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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