June 14, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #61: June 14, 2017

By the Numbers: The U.S. Open in Wisconsin

The U.S. Open takes place in Erin Hills, Wisconsin, this week. That's a first for Wisconsin. And to Wisconsin, that's the most impressive figure, but sports business buffs will always be happy to find a few more to crunch. Here they are.

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Destination Spotlight

A Big 10 College City with a Small-Town Vibe

When people think of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Michigan Stadium, "The Big House" on the University of Michigan campus. The 107,601-seat stadium, the largest in the U.S., is home to the Wolverines football team and also has hosted such marquee events as the 2014 NHL Winter Classic and International Champions Cup soccer games in 2014 and 2016. But Michigan Stadium is only one of several world-class sports venues in this thriving Big Ten city with a small-town feel. Its thriving and engaging downtown boasts some of the best dining experiences in the Midwest, as well as theatrical performances, outdoor markets, expansive parks, a variety of live music and night life, and extensive boutique shopping.

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In other news and commentary...
What We Can Learn from the Success of Nike's #Breaking2 Campaign

The attempt to lower the marathon threshold did not yield a new world record, but it did generate a lot of interest, which translated into a win for Nike, for the marathon and for running in general. Here's what planners of road racing events can learn from it.

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Who's Your Daddy? Sports Events are Ready to Cater to Him on Father's Day

Father's Day is coming, and you probably already know Dad would rather see a tied-up-in-the-ninth baseball game than unwrap another tie. The event, officially celebrated on Sunday, June 18, is about to bring an onslaught of cookouts, visits, sports and cross-promotional spending.

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College Teams Facing Charter Plane Shortage

A shortage in, of all things, charter planes, is affecting student athlete team travel. Consider the number of flights that have to be available on short notice for March Madness and you can understand the impact this could have on the sports economy.

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Preseason eSports Training Facility Up and Running (and Profiting) in California

The Cactus League, the Grapefruit League and the Silicone Palm Tree League? Spring training just got more tech-y. In the constantly-evolving arms race to build new and better eSports facilities to accommodate the proliferating number of events, one thing has been left out: the preseason training facility. Until now.

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Weighing Pros, Cons of Travel Agents' Role in Youth Sports

Travel agent or the Roaming Gnome? Today's parents and organizers of youth sports have choices to make. And as the travel market, not to mention the sports travel market, increases in complexity, more events are putting the pressure on participants to get professional help.

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Gymnastics Gives OK to Obstacle Course Discipline: What Event Planners Need to Know

There's a new gymnastics discipline in town. It's based on obstacle racing, and event owners will need to be aware of it. The good news, though, is that it won't involve mud, burpees or gnarly obstacles with names like Arctic Enema and ElectroShock Therapy.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: The Donate Life Transplant Games of America

A multi-sport event with a philanthropic focus, the Donate Life Transplant Games are open to individuals who have undergone life-saving transplant surgeries. In addition, they provide a forum for meeting fellow donors and recipients, honoring loved ones and more. Learn about this event, its impact and its plans.

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Podium celebrations can get a bit wild, and drone racing is no exception. Pilots from the Allianz Drone Racing League's World Championship celebrate after their February win. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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