January 13, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #26: January 13, 2016

With Sponsorship of Fiesta Bowl, BattleFrog Breaks New Ground

We've seen bowl games sponsored by the U.S. Army, electronics companies, even corn chips. So why all the fuss when an obstacle race company becomes a title sponsor? It all started when the Fiesta Bowl (presented on January 1 in Glendale, Arizona) announced event management company BattleFrog as its title sponsor. The sports community's reaction was an open-mouthed stare.

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Destination Spotlight

Peoria, Illinois - Will It Play in Peoria? Yes!

Will it play in Peoria? The answer is a big YES. Peoria, together with its sister city across the Illinois River, East Peoria, has not only great sports venues, but a level of hospitality and service that athletes, event owners and organizers, as well as families, find extremely attractive. Peoria is still a microcosm of America, and over the last 80 years it has been awarded "All-American City" honors four times. It offers a home-town welcome to go with its many advances. Here's the inside track on a city with multiple facilities and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

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In other news and commentary...
Rio's Water Pollution: Lots of Problems, Few Solutions

How dirty is the water in Rio? Dirty enough that Olympic sailors are considering wearing plastic coveralls and surgical masks. One already got MRSA. With months to go until the Games, water tests are giving the worst possible news: The Rio waters are more widely contaminated by sewage than previously known.

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Warmer Winter Playing Havoc with Snow Sports Events

The unseasonably warm temperatures this fall and throughout December and the early part of January were good for jokes, like a Facebook meme reading, "Go home, weather, you're drunk." Unfortunately, the weather isn't getting laughs from planners of winter sports events, who are scrambling to find venues with snow. Any snow.

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Slight Spike in Influenza A Has Not Yet Led to Cancellations of Sports Events

Winter sports events aren't the only ones suffering from up-and-down temperatures. It's people reaching for Kleenez and Comtrex - and who are cancelling out of sports events they were supposed to participate in. A slight spike in Influenza A is being reported by the CDC, and sports provide a perfect breeding ground.

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Drone Racing: Speeding Into Sports Destinations Nationwide

Take the eye in the sky, throw in the competitive instinct and you have the newest sport around. FPV (First Person View) drone racing uses pilots on the ground with video glasses, allowing them to see the race course as they pilot their UAVs at speeds up to 70 mph. And sports commissions better be ready.

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Can Tennis be a Grand Slam for Sports Organizers?

Mention the marketability of female athletes and conversation pounces on the U.S. Women's Soccer Team. But when it came to marketing, money and simple online presence in women's sports, 2015 belonged to one athlete: Serena Williams. And her meteoric rise brings the hope for reflective growth in women's tennis as a whole.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: US Biathlon

Biathlon, combining cross-country skiing and marksmanship, has grown year-over-year. The US Biathlon Association is the national governing body, helping the sport gain participation at the club level. It is also developing the sport at the Olympic level so that the USA can bring home its first gold. Max Cobb, president and CEO, details USBA's plans and goals.

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"Life's most meaningless statistic is the half-time score, and as far as I'm concerned, it's always half-time."

~ The late, great Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters

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