February 10, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #28: February 10, 2016

Valentine's Sports Events: Planners Use Novelty to Drive Participation

Flowers. Candy. Wrestling tickets. Cue the music: "One of these things is not like the other..." But with Valentine's Day on a Sunday this year, savvy sports planners have created events that capitalize on the holiday. And in some cases, a creative mind is all it takes.

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Destination Spotlight

Oklahoma City: America's Newly Crowned Softball Capital

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, made itself into the go-to for water sports, including rowing, but thanks to a 20-year contract extension signed by the NCAA, Oklahoma City now retains another title, this for America's ultimate softball championship - the Women's College World Series. It's a chance for softball to grow and flourish in a permanent home and an opportunity for Oklahoma City, a city that has already been wowing the sports world with its commitment and event expertise, to show how a united community effort can help a long-term event truly soar. Learn about the diamonds that are waiting for players, as well as the other gems that fill the city with charm and atmosphere.

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In other news and commentary...
Ford Steers Professional Bull Riding Into National Spotlight

One of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. has an image problem, but it's not looking for a kinder, gentler reputation or any warm and fuzzy solution. Professional bull riding, after all, is neither warm nor fuzzy. But it is still trying to break free of its rodeo roots and establish itself as an independent event.

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Popular Spring Break Destination Targets Sports Events and Families

Panama City Beach isn't exactly waving a No Vacancy sign at college students on spring break. It's just making other groups, including the sports tourism market, feel more welcome. Following a spring break season in 2015 that featured an enormous uptick in crime, the area has retooled its marketing campaign and changed laws regarding alcohol possession and consumption.

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World Beach Games Coming to San Diego in 2017

The World Beach Games are coming to San Diego in 2017. And it's not surprising if this international multi-sport festival is still under the radar: it'll be a first for the U.S. although it's modeled after the Asian Beach Games (which has held four highly successful events so far.)

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Have Wheelchair, Will (Try to) Travel: New Website is Forum for Athletes

Those who plan sports events for individuals with disabilities have something new in their toolbox. Paralyzed Veterans of America has launched a new website, allowing people with disabilities to share their experiences regarding air travel. And with the Paralympics in Rio on the horizon, it stands to get a lot of use.

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Los Angeles Proposes UCLA for Olympic Village in 2024

As the world edges closer to learning who will host the 2024 Olympic Games, it's time to bring out all the details. And one of those is the location of, and design of, the Olympic Village. Only for Los Angeles, there's no need to manufacture an ersatz global environment for the athletes since it has something better: the UCLA campus.

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Cloudy with a Chance of the Flu: App Shows What's Contagious in Cities

Forecast: cloudy and cold, with a 50 percent chance of the flu. A new app that works as an illness map, showing which contagious diseases are prevalent in various cities, could be useful to sports planners who work on youth events (or any sports event where large crowds will be present.)

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Underwater Hockey

USA Underwater Hockey is a player-driven organization, focused on supporting and promoting underwater hockey. The sport is played six-on-six with two 15-minute halves to each game, with a strategy is similar to ice hockey. Success, meaning putting the puck in the goal trough at the bottom of each end wall, ultimately depends on teamwork.

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