February 08, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #53: February 08, 2017

Sports World Reacts to Trump's Travel Ban

Shortly after taking office, Donald Trump issued executive orders banning entry into the United States from seven majority Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, and creating challenges for athletes, teams and leagues. Here's a recap of the reactions to the new order.

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Destination Spotlight

Sioux Falls: Bringing the Athletes (and Spectators)

If you bring a soccer, basketball, softball or volleyball tournament to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, your event won't just be something to fill a venue. Bordering Iowa and Minnesota, Sioux Falls is considered the 'heart of America' by the 173,000 people who live there, and South Dakota's largest city is within a day's drive of most major Midwestern cities. Not only is Sioux Falls an emerging youth sports destination, but the establishment of the Sioux Falls Sports Authority in 2006 has been a boon to the city. In fact, the organization is a big reason the city is in the midst of hosting eight NCAA Division II national championships between 2015 and 2018. Plus, this 'little big city' has plenty of diversions for R-and-R.

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In other news and commentary...
Getting the Lead Out: Will It Affect Sport Fishing Events?

A late-in-the-day order by outgoing President Barack Obama, banning lead fishing tackle and ammunition, has the fishing and hunting communities up in arms. Even with a memorandum from the new administration aimed at squelching the effectiveness of the rule, sports planners are wondering how events will fare.

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USA Football to Test Major Safety Changes

Days before Super Bowl LI kicked off, and amid declining player participation and increasing safety concerns, USA Football announced radical changes to the game as part of a pilot program in a small number of leagues this year. These changes involve everything from field size to player position rotations.

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Market Saturation? Attracting Sponsorships in a Changing Climate

When an event isn't held because of problems with the venue, weather or other factors, it's disappointing, but not the fault of the event owner. However, cancellations for financial reasons are scary and reflect badly on the sport. The recent cancellation of several world-class events proves it's not rare.

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Bid Cities Racing to Clean Up Their Acts in Time for IOC Decision

Following concerns about Rio's open-water venues, candidate cities for 2024 are working to clean up their waterways. Some of the bait being dangled in front of the IOC includes promises of swimming in the Seine (Paris), harnessing the Danube (Budapest) or having the most eco-friendly Games ever (Los Angeles).

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Calgary Explores Another Olympic Bid

If everything old is new again, then Calgary is brand-spankin'-new. Canadian politicians remain "really interested" in a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. That's right: The Olympic city that brought you Eddie the Eagle, the Jamaican bobsledders and the Carmen showdown between Debi Thomas and Katarina Witt, is back.

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Fan Festivals See High Demand from Corporate Sponsors

Sports festivals used to be an adjunct to competitions. Now, they seem to be the main attraction. No matter which sport, these events draw families, tourists and more, promoting the event and encouraging visits. Learn which fests are on the grow and why.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Boxing

Amateur boxing, which focuses on technique and scoring points (not on knockout punches) is growing, thanks in part to Team USA's three Olympic medals in Rio. USA Boxing concentrates on teaching not only the sport, but life skills, respect and commitment. Get to know this sport and its athletes.

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