May 20, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #11: May 20, 2015

Suit Demanding Medical Personnel at All Soccer Games, Practices Thrown Out

A soccer mom and her lawsuit have been thrown out of the game - or court - after attempting to press a suit against FIFA, U.S. Soccer and four national youth soccer organizations. The suit, which if passed, would require medical personnel to be present at all youth soccer games and practices, was in response to the so-called 'epidemic' of head injuries. more

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Destination Spotlight

All-Around Sports in St. Cloud

It's probably a safe bet that when you mention the state of Minnesota to people, the sport of ice hockey will, at some point, flash through their minds. Minnesota, it's true, is incredibly well-equipped when it comes to ice hockey—from excellent venues to leagues for all ages. But in the picturesque city of St. Cloud, just 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul, you can find any sport, for every season. Sure, there are the traditional winter sports. But St. Cloud, whose nickname is the Granite City because of the granite quarries that have operated in the area since the 1880s, also is a haven for warm-weather pursuits such as baseball, softball, soccer, water sports and much more. more

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In other news and commentary...
California Town Cancels Mud Run Because of Water Shortage

It was bound to happen. In San Jacinto, California, a local park district has canceled a popular mud run due to the drought and the ensuing statewide water restrictions. Although event organizers considered rebranding the event as a 'drought run' and turning it into a straight obstacle course or another novelty run, athletes' insistence on mud ultimately forced the event's cancellation. more

Approval for Convention Center Hotel to Broaden KC's Hosting Horizons

Kansas City, Missouri, recently voted "Best City for Sports-Crazed Fans," needs some help if it's going to live up to its reputation. The city is pinning its hopes on the development of a new convention center hotel to help bring in the business. more

Enthusiasts Welcoming New Dedicated Facilities for Remote Cars, Planes

Sports facilities include motor sports tracks and air fields. So why can't they also include spaces where enthusiasts can use remote-controlled cars and planes? The city of Las Cruces, New Mexico, is building a remote control off-road race track and a remote control airfield. It is anticipated the remote control race track could open in a few weeks. more

Selfie Sticks: Device Non Grata at Sports Destinations

It's the device of choice in a social media-obsessed world. But lately, the selfie stick -- that telescoping rod that attaches to a phone and allows for long-range photos -- has been drawing cries of foul from sports event organizers. The sticks, which are variously characterized as intrusive, annoying and even dangerous, are appearing on the 'banned equipment' list at a variety of events. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: A.G.A. Nation

A.G.A. Nation (A.G.A. is short for Adrenaline Games Alliance) produces action and adventure sports events and competitions across the United States. The organization also specializes in mobile ramp shows, featuring pro BMX and skateboard riders at schools, as well as at festivals and downtown events throughout the year. more

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May/June 2015

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