October 07, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #21: October 07, 2015

Marathon Organizers and Black Lives Matter Protestors Compromise on Peaceful Demonstration

At the end of the day, the most essential concern of Sunday's Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon - the one that was most on the minds of runners - was not settled in the office of event organizers. It was decided in a closed-door meeting with the mayor of St. Paul and it resulted in a marathon that ran without a disruptive protest.

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Destination Spotlight

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Oklahoma City's Big River Future

A couple of decades ago, if you were looking for a hotbed of water sports, Oklahoma City likely would not appear on your list. Today, this passionate heartland city is not only the home of the Olympic canoe/kayak team and a stop on the 2016 Road to Rio Olympic tour, but it is also preparing to open one of the finest whitewater facilities in this hemisphere. How did OKC do it? It all started with OKC's citizens and a very big love for their hometown. Learn how a quiet town became a big river city with a huge, burgeoning future and a worldwide reputation for water sports - and more.

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In other news and commentary...
Avoidance of Concussions May be Behind Rise in Abdominal Injuries

Are abdominal injuries the new concussions? Some sports medicine professionals are saying they are. Like concussions, their symptoms might not be readily apparent. And like concussions, delays in treatment can cause irreparable harm. Officials are racing to develop protocols for recognition of symptoms for these injuries.

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Saturday Halloween: The Sports Event Planner's Dream

Cue the arrival of spectators and athletes dressed as Maleficent, as Sepp Blatter, as the Walking Dead, as Donald Trump's hair - oh, the possibilities are simply endless. Halloween lands on a Saturday this year. Rather than backing away from the date, sports events are embracing it and finding new and creative ways to recruit attendees.

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Ticket to Tokyo: Five Sports Move One Step Closer

They're young, they're hip and they might just be headed for Olympic glory. Now that the Olympic Organizing Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Games has selected baseball/softball, surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and karate as the sports it will encourage the International Olympic Committee to include, the question becomes this: what will it mean to event organizers?

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Atlatl Enthusiasts Practice a Sport That Predates Homo Sapiens

The question of which sport known to man is the oldest in the world sends most people back to researching the first Olympic games. And that's a good start. But if you ask some enthusiasts, they'll tell you it's a practice known as atlatl, or spear-throwing. Never heard of it? You haven't been shafted (See what we did there?)

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Inside Events

Inside Events: Orienteering USA

Orienteering USA (OUSA) is the national governing body for the sport of orienteering, which is a navigation race using only a map and compass. Orienteering USA's mission is to increase participation in the sport, teach map reading and navigation skills, promote enjoyment of and respect for the environment and establish world-class competitive excellence within its national team programs.

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September/October 2015

September/October 2015

The calendar is turning, and sports are moving along. It's time to start planning softball tournaments, so don't miss this roundup of some of the best diamonds in the country. The Summer Olympics in Rio will bring extra attention to water sports and to gymnastics - something else covered in these pages. You can learn about negotiating with venues, working with sports commissions and CVBs, event security and the newest trends in team travel. There are great articles on facilities in the Southwest and Pacific, and on facilities across the U.S. A new season of sports is here. Turn the page and get a sneak peek.

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