July 15, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #15: July 15, 2015

Sports Tourism: a Big Player in Puerto Rico's Economic Recovery

When it comes to getting media attention for its debt, Greece is the word. But Puerto Rico, too, has been struggling financially - and tourism might be one essential lifeline - if, that is, the island can take sufficient advantage of it. And while recovery will take intervention from many different directions, it's time, say some pundits, for tourism to become a bigger player in the game.

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Destination Spotlight

Do You Know Greenville, South Carolina?

Do you know Greenville, South Carolina? Maybe. As a charming Southern town, perhaps. As a pinpoint on a map, maybe. But what about as a thriving metropolis of sports? If not, it's time you met THIS Greenville, South Carolina. And meet it now because it just keeps growing in reputation. In 2008, Greenville took center stage as host of the "Super Bowl of Fishing," the Bassmaster Classic, and the sports world took notice. Now there's more infrastructure, more development and more excitement. it's time to take a closer look at how this little city reels in sports' biggest events and keeps them coming back for more.

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In other news and commentary...
'No Headers: No Brainer' is Part of Campaign for Safer Soccer

While soccer is still on the nation's mind after the U.S. win at the FIFA Women's World Cup, a group called The Safer Soccer campaign, which raises awareness of the risks of heading soccer balls before the age of 14, recently announced support from a list of experts that include U.S. soccer greats Kristine Lilly and Julie Foudy.

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Women's World Cup: Great Victory, but Where were the Sponsors?

It all comes back to money. Yes, the members of the U.S. WNT covered themselves with glory (and gold confetti) to cap off the holiday weekend. Yes, the hat trick was amazing. But by Monday morning, the question was hammering at the Internet like a woodpecker on an old tree: where was all the money?

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Trending: Sports Venues as Anchors in Retail, Entertainment Districts

Peanuts and Crackerjacks aren't the only commodities around a stadium - and the economy knows it. While it's not uncommon for land around ballparks and football stadiums to skyrocket in value once the crowds start rolling in, there's a new trend afoot: the sports facility as the lynchpin in the center of a purpose-built district of retail and entertainment possibilities.

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U.S. Open Golf Shatters Economic Records (and Nearly Breaks its Internet)

The Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Washington, south of Seattle, ordinarily stays quiet, but in June, the golf course and the businesses, hotels and restaurants around it were rocked by the impact of 2015 U.S. Open Golf Tournament. It was the first time in the event's 115-year history coming to Chambers Bay, and its debut was big news.

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Inside Events

USA Water Polo

The Olympic sport of water polo is fast, athletic and incredibly demanding. And USA Water Polo, its national governing body, is working to continue its development, even starting child-friendly learning programs for the sport. The U.S. Women's Water Polo team is the reigning Olympic gold medal-holders, and holds the top spot in the world. Get to know the sport and its plans for the future.

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July/August 2015

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"If you want to play, practice. If you want to win, practice harder."

~ Carli Lloyd, center midfielder, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

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