July 01, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #14: July 01, 2015

Rebellion Against the Confederate Flag and the Cost of Flying It

The call for the symbolic gesture of lowering the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol certainly has not gone unnoticed. And the ripple effect is being felt all the way through the world of sports. From NASCAR to college athletic departments, from the NFL to the souvenir shops, it's a lightning rod for controversy and for many, a call for change.

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Destination Spotlight

The Metropolis of Sports: Kansas City, Missouri

For more than a hundred years, Kansas City, Missouri, has been known as the City of Fountains, and it is widely known for serving up some of the world's best barbecue. But in the last few decades, Kansas City has added a new nickname to its list: City of Fanatics—sports fanatics, that is. To the long list of Kansas City accolades, Travel + Leisure Magazine recently added a new title: one of America's Top 10 Cities for Sports-Crazed Fans. After hosting a homerun World Series, Kansas City became widely known as a championship sports host. But if baseball and barbecue are all you know about Kansas City, prepare to have your sports mind blown.

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In other news and commentary...
Spokane's Hoopfest Generates $39 Million and Broadcasts on ESPN

In Spokane, Washington, Hoopsfest, a 3-on-3 event originally held as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics, has become the largest of its kind in the world. With 7,000 teams, 27,000 players and coverage on ESPN, the tournament has a $39 million economic impact and is big enough to justify shutting off traffic to the city's downtown to allow for play.

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College World Series Changes Venue and Brings Exponential Growth, Increasing Impact up to $65 million

The change of venue for the College World Series of baseball turned out to be a positive shift, in terms of economic impact and attendance. The move from Rosenblatt Stadium to TD Ameritrade Park meant the event remained in Omaha, Nebraska, but has been growing constantly - and even attracting businesses from its old location to follow it.

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New Olympic Stadium Looks Like a Bird Head, or Possibly a Bike Helmet

It's not the first time the aesthetics of a sports facility have come under criticism, and it's not the last. But right now, it's the highest-profile facility taking heat for its appearance. The design for the stadium for the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo is set to be finalized - and the reception has been the equivalent of a glassy-eyed stare.

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No Travel Required: Falmouth Road Race Goes Virtual

Treadmill jockeys who want to run should know: there's an app for that. The New Balance Falmouth Road Race on August 16 wouldn't ordinarily generate headlines except for one detail: this year, "virtual runners" will be able to log in and participate using an interactive HD video of the actual course in new "Remote Participant" category.

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Inside Events

United States ProMiniGolf Association

Maybe your only experience with minigolf has been trying to putt past a dinosaur during a vacation near the ocean. And maybe you thought that was all there was to this sport. Not so. It has a pro tour, a worldwide following, a Master's and a U.S. Open. Meet the United States ProMiniGolf Association (USPMGA), the NGB responsible for organizing minigolf tournaments throughout the U.S.

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July/August 2015

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"Show me a guy who's afraid to look bad, and I'll show you a guy you can beat every time."

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