December 16, 2015 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #25: December 16, 2015

Going to Pot: Industry Wrestles with Having Events in Marijuana States

It's a conundrum that up until a few years ago, didn't exist. The legalization of marijuana in specific states has event planners scrambling to develop and implement policies. In addition to a lack of consistent rules among various NGBs, hotels must balance the needs of guests against the ability to market themselves to sports events whose athletes are likely to face drug tests. more

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Destination Spotlight

Lawton Fort Sill, Oklahoma: Targeting Sports Excellence

Oklahoma has been in the news for plenty of sports but you might not know it's a hotbed for archery. Lawton Fort Sill, in particular, has hosted On Target with Kiwanis, a part of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's National Archery in the Schools Program. And archery is growing in popularity (thank you, Hunger Games novels), making it even more desirable for children to take up. Lawton Fort Sill, meanwhile, offers a multitude of opportunities for sightseeing and for satisfying history buffs when the games are over. Learn about the venues and landscape that make this city great for sports - and so much more. more

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In other news and commentary...
Connected Sports Equipment: Hackable by the Competition?

If the hot toy, Hello Barbie, is now Hello Hackable Barbie, what does that mean for connected sports equipment? It's not something out of sci-fi. A recently discovered breach in toys that are part of the Internet of Things has raised alarm among cybersecurity experts who say the toys (and high-tech sports equipment) could be used for spying. more

Do NFL Franchises Bring Huge Economic Benefits to a City? Not Always

The economic benefits of the presence of an NFL team in a city often seem positive. Home-team fans are passionate and willing to spend big to see their teams play. But not all economists agree that these teams bring big bucks to cities, particularly after the payout it takes to lure them in, and keep them there. more

No Room at the Inn: S.W. Florida Considering New Hotel Construction

Big sports events can put a strain on the hotel capabilities of an area, and southwest Florida is no exception to this rule. The recent addition of newly-formed Major League Football, which has chosen the area as its preseason training site, has resulted in a severe hotel shortage, and the area is scrambling to host. more

Old Borscht Belt Resort in Catskills May Become a Youth Sports Complex

Remember the old resorts in the Catskills, brought to life in movies like 'Dirty Dancing?' One of them may have a second life as a youth sports complex. A plan for the Nevele Hotel in Wawarsing had the storied place being revamped as a casino. But when the state nixed that, the idea of a sports hub was born. more

Bahamas Seeks to Become Sports Destination by Luring U.S.-Based Events

The Bahamas, long a destination starting at spring break and extending through fall, has ramped up its marketing to attract U.S.-based sports events during the off-season. And judging by its recent success in signing and hosting high-level IAAF, NCAA, FIFA and PGA events, the area is closing in on its goal, combining right place and right time. more

Alohagate and the USWNT: Far More than a Turf Issue

In the days that followed the cancellation of the U.S. Women's National Team's Hawaii match against Trinidad and Tobago because of poor field conditions (and the subsequent finger-pointing), a new nickname emerged: Alohagate. But while many will make this into a turf vs. natural grass issue, the problem is far more deeply rooted. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: The Ugly Sweater Run

The Ugly Sweater Run is an untimed 5K offered in 22 cities nationwide. The event is followed by a reception and party with beer, hot chocolate and more. Participants receive a knit cap but are challenged to wear their ugliest sweater or most festive holiday attire and to bring families, pets and more. The event has grown in size each year. more

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