October 5, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #45: October 05, 2016

Orange is the New Black Ink for Planners of Halloween Sports Events

Is orange the new black? It is when you're referring to the bottom line of a sports event and the beneficial effect Halloween has on it. This year's figures show skyrocketing numbers of events planned, and plenty of trends in leveraging the holiday for maximum return.

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Destination Spotlight

In Maryland, All Athletes Can Find Their Game

With topography as varied as the U.S. itself, Maryland is primed and ready to host any event. From mountain biking and whitewater kayaking in Western Maryland, to marlin fishing in Ocean City, to soccer in the plethora of sportsfield complexes spread across the state, to cheerleading and gymnastics events in the Baltimore City and Ocean City Convention Centers, to indoor or outdoor tennis complexes to baseball in no less than nine minor league ballparks and more, the state has much to offer. It's also accessible to travelers using any mode of transportation. In short, according to Terry Hasseltine, executive director of Maryland Sports, it's a perfect location, and one planners should be considering in their site selection decisions.

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In other news and commentary...
What Do Millennial Athletes Really Want? Event Owners Can Find Out

Millennials are the crowd that owners and rights-holders for sports events seem to be chasing. They're young, they're busy, they're savvy to technology and they want to stay healthy. So what are the best ways to reach them? A new study has insights into this demographic.

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Already Reeling from ACC Withdrawal, Charlotte Takes Another Hit

Already reeling after the removal of the ACC championship, Charlotte, North Carolina, has been dealt another blow. The controversial shooting by police of an African-American man resulted in violence and protests in the city, and led to the cancellation of a number of sports-related events.

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Women's Roller Derby International Playoffs Skate Through U.S. Cities

The longtime grassroots sport of women's roller derby has quietly been building a new generation of fans. Now, it's gathering even more momentum as its international playoffs go on a six-city tour through the U.S., picking up new followers as it travels. What's next, an Olympic bid?

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And the Next Extreme Sport is… Polo

First, professional bull-riding began working to rebrand itself as extreme sport. Now, get ready for the next riding sport to try to gain a faster, flashier reputation: polo. According to reports, polo wants to showcase itself as "the grandfather of extreme sports," while appealing to a Millennial demographic.

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Marathon Owner Backs Down from Lawsuit by Athletes Denied Entry

Wow. There are some people who really do read the fine print, specifically two Utah runners who said the New York City Marathon's general entry drawing violated the New York State Constitution and pressed a lawsuit about it. Yes, really. And New York backed down. Yes, really (again.)

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More ER Visits in Youth Soccer But Event Planning has Evolved Too

With the news that youth soccer-related injuries are up comes a corresponding shift in preparedness at sports events and venues. More facilities are offering onsite athletic trainers at sports events, and more event owners are developing protocols for players who get hurt on the field.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships

The inaugural Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships, held in Naples, Florida, in 2016, brought in 800-plus athletes from seven countries and 39 states. It also attracted about 12,000 spectators and generated $2.5 million in economic impact. Learn about this event and how it's evolving.

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