November 02, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #47: November 02, 2016

Inside the Numbers: Thanksgiving Events as a Cash Cow for Sports Planners

Who knew turkey was such a cash cow? While plenty will adhere to the "Family-Food-Forget About Fitness" mantra for Thanksgiving, research shows others will make a preventive strike against the calories ingested at the annual gorge-fest. And if sports planners are wise, they'll be ready to harness the enthusiasm. more

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Destination Spotlight

Tri-Cities, Washington: A Desert Region in the Pacific Northwest

A dry desert region in the Pacific Northwest? Get ready for the Tri-Cities region of Washington State to shift your paradigm. The cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, meeting at the confluence of the Yakima, Snake and Columbia rivers, are able to welcome outdoor sports events practically year-round. The surprising climate is made possible by the region's unique geography. The Cascade mountain range is located about two hours west of the Tri-Cities and protects the region from receiving large amounts of rain and snow. Most importantly, there are plenty of sports facilities and hotels as well as options for fun once the games are done. Get to know Tri-Cities and find out what you've been missing in the Pacific Northwest. more

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In other news and commentary...
Cricket Continues Phenomenal Growth in the US

Enthusiasts who can't find cricket coverage on ESPN are going to live-stream it. And that projected demand has resulted in a bidding war between Amazon, Twitter and Facebook. Yes, really. Sports planners and destinations who shrugged off pickleball and beach volleyball should prepare for the next emerging sport. more

Could Nationwide Decline in Sports Officials Affect Tournaments?

Google "referee shortage," and you'll come up with page after page of news articles written this fall about communities all over the country where shortages of sports officials at the high school level have reached near-epidemic proportions. So how is it affecting the event industry? more

FIFA's Current and Proposed Reforms to World Cup Will Impact U.S. Bid

The FIFA scandal erupted about 18 months ago. Like a volcano, it has had periods of activity since. Get ready for a new spew of molten-hot (read: controversial) material as the organization releases its new ideas for the World Cup. And those could impact potential hosts, including the U.S. more

Fishing Angling for a Spot in the Olympics

It might be the greatest thing to happen to fishing since the invention of the earthworm. The international governing body for sport fishing has applied for Olympic status in the 2020 Tokyo Games. It's a popular sport, certainly, so what are its chances to hook the IOC? more

A Cautionary Tale: How Venue Shortcomings Led to Cutting Teams from a World Championship

A small seaside host city and an enormously growing sport, mixed with a lack of communication, was the unfortunate combination that resulted in a large-scale disappointment for a world championship event. And for sports planners, it goes under the headline of Don't Let This Happen to You. more

3D Judging of Gymnastics: What Could it Mean at the Local Level?

Automated computerized judging of gymnastics? Maybe. While a non-gymnastics-savvy portion of America might think judging doesn't need an overhaul following the victory of the Final Five in Rio, there are plenty within the sport, particularly at lower levels, who believe change needs to be made. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Pentathlon

The fascinating five-discipline sport that is an improbable mix of horseback riding, fencing, shooting, running and swimming, has its roots deep in military history, and just as deeply in Olympic culture. Get to know Modern Pentathlon, and learn how it has evolved into the modern age. more

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Thanksgiving is Opening Day at Montana's Big Sky Resort. Crews are finishing two new Doppelmayr chairlifts, Challenger and Powder Seeker, using a Sikorsky UH-60A Blackhawk helicopter. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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