May 01, 2024 | Sports Destination Management
#230: May 01, 2024
Synthetic Fields

EPA Report Has The News: Synthetic Turf Fields are Just as Safe as Grass

The question of whether synthetic fields with crumb rubber infill are safe has finally been answered. The EPA has, after much study, published a report showing there is no significant difference in the exposure to certain chemicals between athletes who play on synthetic turf fields that use crumb rubber infill and those who play on grass fields. more

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Destination Spotlight

The DuPage Sports Commission is on the Move with a Focus on Community

If you don't know where DuPage County is, it's time you did. DuPage County has become a frequent name when it comes to big-time events, much in part due to the efforts of the DuPage Sports Commission (DSC). At the heart of DSC's decision-making is who they can impact, how they can inspire and the meaningful opportunities they can create. more

The DuPage Sports Commission is on the Move with a Focus on Community
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Featured Destination
The Possibilities Are Endless at Rocky Mount Event Center

The Possibilities Are Endless at Rocky Mount Event Center

Just an hour east of Raleigh, North Carolina is the southern-charmed city of Rocky Mount and the Rocky Mount Event Center. more

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In other news and commentary...
When Sports Are Shown in Neighborhood Movie Theaters, Everyone Wins

Here's a novel idea: For those who can't make it to a sports event in person, why not widen the audience by allowing people to view the competition at their local movie theater? Boxing has been doing this for years and recently, college football jumped on the theater bandwagon. Accessibility, restrooms AND economic impact. Sounds like a big win. more

How a Nebraska Golf Club Survived a Wildfire

It was quick thinking on the part of the staff of a Nebraska golf course that kept the venue from being devoured by a wildfire that tore through the area, destroying about 70,000 acres of land. The staff of the course won a race against time, managing to turn on sprinklers that were still winterized and carving fire breaks in the land around the venue. more

Fast Sport on a Slow Decline: Can Racquetball Survive?

Back in the 1970s and '80s, racquetball was billed as America's fastest-growing sport. In fact, even the IOC gave it a look for potential inclusion. Since then, though, the sport has plummeted in both number of facilities and in number of players. Some of it is because of other sports (well hello, pickleball!) but some is racquetball's own doing. more

Scaling Up: Fish Habitat Conservation Efforts are on the Rise

In a concerted effort to preserve, protect and create fish habitat, local fisheries management agencies, fishing pros and their affiliated professional tour organizations and local community volunteers are teaming up. Initiatives throughout the U.S benefit the fish, fishing destinations, anglers, outdoor enthusiasts and the environment as a whole. more

Trail Running on Pace for Continued Growth

Fresh air, scenery and zero traffic, a fun and relaxed tempo, and joint-friendly terrain (at least as compared to road running's paved and hard surfaces), are among the many reasons trail running is on the grow. And it certainly doesn't hurt that brands and marketers are lavishing dollars and attention on athlete and event sponsorships, either. more

Pond Skimming, Wacky Costumes Mark Ski Resort End-of-Season Celebrations

And down the chute they come for the last time this year. In ski resorts, season-ending festivities are standard, even when those edge toward the weird. Skiing in costumes (and even swimsuits) and trying to clear pits of water or mud are where bragging rights are earned. Here are notable events from around the nation's winter sports destinations. more

Inside Events
American Cornhole Organization

American Cornhole Organization

Want to learn about the sport of cornhole? You can't learn more than by asking the American Cornhole Organization. Whether it's played at a tailgate or at a tournament, the sport remains popular at all levels and all age groups. Frank Geers, president and founder of ACO, sat down with SDM to discuss the sport, its growth and the events put on by ACO throughout the year. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

IRONMAN and Ottawa Tourism announced that Canada's capital, Ottawa, will become the newest location to host an IRONMAN® Canada triathlon beginning in 2025. Photo courtesy of Ottowa Tourism | Instagram | X | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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March/April 2024

Whether we're hosting a watch party for the Women's World Cup final or sitting in the stands at a high school game, one thing remains perfectly clear: Sports have the power to unite us all. And in a world that seems increasingly divisive, it is good to find a common denominator and a way for us to stay connected. This issue brings up some ways sports can create unity, even against all odds. From our article on gaining community buy-in, to soccer, golf, swimming and baseball, there's always something good on the horizon. And that's worth cheering for. more

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