March 06, 2024 | Sports Destination Management
#226: March 06, 2024

The State of Stay-to-Play in the USA

Here’s an interesting question: Post-pandemic, is stay-to-play still an option, is it an endangered species or has it gone extinct? According to multiple sources, it is alive, well and flourishing as team travel booms and tournaments enjoy record numbers. Expectations of hotels, such as daily housekeeping, have changed but stay-to-play remains strong. more

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Destination Spotlight

Celebrating the History and Majesty of the Horse

Set on 1,200 acres of that legendary Kentucky bluegrass in the “Horse Capital of the World,” the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington is one of a kind: a working horse farm, an educational theme park and an equine competition facility. And when it comes to destinations for equine events (as well as other sports), it belongs in the winner’s circle. more

Celebrating the History and Majesty of the Horse
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Featured Destination
NC’s Emerald City Sports Scene: Pirates, Bucks and Gnomes, Oh My!

NC’s Emerald City Sports Scene: Pirates, Bucks and Gnomes, Oh My!

Greenville, North Carolina is a cultural, educational, economic and medical hub - the perfect place for your next tournament. more

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In other news and commentary...
Sports Tourism, Bigfoot and the Rise of Cryptid Travel

For those in the right areas, it’s a big hairy deal. Nationwide, cryptid tourism (defined as the pursuit of something not yet proven to exist, like Bigfoot, Mothman, the Skunk Ape or the Boggy Creek Stalker) is booming. Tours, museums and even roadside attractions have sprung up, along with co-branded sports events. Here are some sightings. more

Net Gains: ‘Caitlin Clark Effect’ Altering Women’s Sports Landscape

Unless you’ve been living in a fallout shelter, you heard that Iowa senior Caitlin Clark is the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer in women’s basketball. And this stands to affect the youth sports landscape. Basketball is currently the most popular high school sport for girls. Expect lower age groups to trend up as well. Travel to see Clark is booming too. more

Good News for Tournaments: Surveys Show Travelers Seeking Experiences

What are the top reasons people travel and how do they impact sports? A few years ago, it was the self-explanatory “revenge travel.” Today, though, it appears travelers are looking to the outdoors for adventures. They’re also wise to promises of sustainability and social benefits offered by travel. Here are some top trends for travel in 2024. more

As Race Cheaters Proliferate, So Do Safeguards (and Watchdogs)

No matter what the competition, people want to win. And unfortunately, they’ll sometimes take almost any route to ensure they do, even if it’s illegal. Most recently, headlines were made when a school principal (yes, you read that correctly) falsified her results at the Sarasota Marathon. But as cheaters evolve, so do safeguards (and watchdogs). more

New PFAS Regulations: How Will They Affect the Sports Business Industry?

It might have slipped under your radar. It did not slip under the government’s radar or the radar of manufacturers. The EPA announced the latest efforts to lower the health risks posed by certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a classification of chemicals found in everything from sportswear to soil. Here is what you need to know. more

As Measles Cases Trend Up in Florida, Should Event Owners Be Concerned?

Spring break is on. Tournament time is in full swing. And Florida, one of the top destinations for youth sports, has a measles outbreak, something unlikely to get better since the state's surgeon general defied federal guidelines by not urging parents to vaccinate their children against the virus or to keep unvaccinated students at home. Here’s more. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: National Alliance for Accessible Golf | Accessible Golf Facility Certificate

Inside Events: National Alliance for Accessible Golf | Accessible Golf Facility Certificate

Between the PGA TOUR and LIV wars, and with Tiger’s breakup with Nike, golf gets lots of ink these days for the wrong reasons. Here’s some great news, though. More strides are being made to help the sport become more accessible to those with mobility limitations and other challenges. It’s all being driven by the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

About 20,000 athletes (representing 1,183 teams) were in Orlando from Feb. 9-12 for the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship, produced by Universal Cheerleaders Association | Instagram | X | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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March/April 2024

Whether we’re hosting a watch party for the Women’s World Cup final or sitting in the stands at a high school game, one thing remains perfectly clear: Sports have the power to unite us all. And in a world that seems increasingly divisive, it is good to find a common denominator and a way for us to stay connected. This issue brings up some ways sports can create unity, even against all odds. From our article on gaining community buy-in, to soccer, golf, swimming and baseball, there’s always something good on the horizon. And that’s worth cheering for. more

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"I majored in theater at San Diego State. My one eye was on football, and my other eye was on Hollywood."

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