December 11, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #124: December 11, 2019

"Assault on Hometown Baseball" Panicking Cities

Spring training for baseball starts soon but there may be fewer players at the Minor League level in years to come, thanks (or no thanks) to a proposal from MLB that aims to make cutbacks by 42 teams in 2021. Cities that stand to be affected by a loss of income are more than upset. Learn about what's being called "the assault on hometown baseball." more

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Destination Spotlight

The Future Is Now for Nebraska's Capital City

Lincoln has established its reputation as a prime sports destination, boasting great Midwestern hospitality, a small-town feel and excellent sports venues, as well as momentum that keeps building. From NCAA basketball to high school rodeo, and from roller skating to bowling, this city welcomes athletes and families, season after successful season. more

The Future Is Now for Nebraska
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Featured Destination
Enjoy Peoria Wants to Know... Will Your Event Play in Peoria?

Enjoy Peoria Wants to Know... Will Your Event Play in Peoria?

Located in the heart of Illinois, the Peoria Area is known as a premier sporting destination in the Midwest. The city carries a rich tradition of sports, playing host to a great number of events each year, both local and national - traditional and unique. more

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In other news and commentary...
Not a Crystal Ball But a Good Prediction for Growth of Sports in 2020

When it comes to predicting what are going to be the hot sports in coming years, we don't have a crystal ball and the black plastic Magic 8-Ball sure isn't going to be much help. What we do have, however, is the annual Fitness Trends Report from the American College of Sports Medicine, which provides excellent insights into up and coming sports. more

Should Fishing Event Owners Be Concerned About Contaminated Water?

Some parts of the country are moving toward ice fishing. Some have year-round temperate conditions. But just about everyone has favorite fishing holes - and unfortunately, just about everyone has a few spots that aren't safe for fishing for edible species because of water contamination. Here's what event owners have to say and whether it affects them. more

Say Yes to the Yeti: Mystery-Monster a Trend on 2020 Calendar

Last summer's Internet phenomenon to Storm Area 51 turned out to be a big bust but organizers learned something: people are interested in mythical creatures and will partake of sports events centered around them. From the Loch Ness Monster to Big Foot to Chpacabra (Google it), there are plenty of ideas to capture registrations in the coming year. more

IOC Pulling No Punches in Attempting to Clean Up Boxing

The sport of boxing has been busy trying to clean up its act over the last few months. The 36 judges and referees who officiated matches in Rio were suspended following allegations of fight fixing and will not return in Tokyo. Additionally, the sport will aim for more transparency with end-of-round scoring displays. Can it affect amateur events? more

Marketing 2020 Events to Seniors Can Pay Long-Term Dividends

With the new year only three weeks away, it's time to harness the power of the fitness resolution to boost registration in sports events. One of the places this will be seen in in senior events; however, it is up to event owners to create the welcoming vibe to make sure participation isn't a one-and-done deal. Here, event directors share some tips. more

Slow Hotel Growth in 2020 Expected to Affect Sports Events

The balancing act hotels are pulling off - trying to control expenses and cope with a slow growth market - isn't showing signs of drastic change, according to research. And while that can mean properties will welcome group business - and be able to offer competitive rates and packages - it also means they're struggling against their own economy. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: USA Masters Games

Inside Events: USA Masters Games

The USA Masters Games, a multi-sport event for athletes age 21 and up, comes to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the first time in the summer of 2020. It is unique in that it is held to overlap in part with the State Games of Michigan, in order to leverage maximum participation and economic impact. Learn more about this event and what it brings to town. more

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Thanks to! Raleigh's soccer started in November and just wrapped. Image from the 2018 NCAA DI Women's Soccer Championship at Sahlen's Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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November/December 2019

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"Playing polo is like trying to play golf during an earthquake."

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