December 07, 2022 | Sports Destination Management
#195: December 07, 2022
Youth Sports American Rescue Plan

How Communities Are Using American Rescue Plan Funds for Youth Sports

The decision by the City of St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department to eliminate sports fees for kids ages 10 and older made news. After all, it's an example of how one major metropolitan community is using funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, an economic stimulus awarded to municipalities in the wake of the pandemic, to boost sports. more

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Destination Spotlight

Chesterfield, Missouri - Your Next Tournament Destination!

Want everything? Come to the place that has everything! Chesterfield, Missouri has the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, with diamonds, multi-purpose fields, sand volleyball courts, concessions and playgrounds, as well as a Catch 22 Miracle Field for players with disabilities. Parks and trails, an aquatic center, hotels and more are here too. more

Chesterfield, Missouri - Your Next Tournament Destination!
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Featured Destination
Top Things to Do in Gillette During Your Sports Tournament

Top Things to Do in Gillette During Your Sports Tournament

You're planning to be in town for your kids' sports tournament. You've reserved your hotel room. Need some ideas for fun diversions? Here's Gillette 101! more

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In other news and commentary...
Beer Mile Races (Gulp) are Trending into Cities Nationwide

Beer mile races. They're not just for St. Patrick's Day anymore. And, in fact, some runners have made it a point to train for these. The premise, which involves the dubious combination of speed running and speed drinking, is simple. Make a lap around a track, and with each lap, drink a beer. The fastest time wins. Think we're kidding? Think again. more

Female Fishing Participation on the Rise; Are Events Keeping Pace?

Women now account for 37 percent of anglers in the U.S., the highest level on record according to research presented by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and the Outdoor Foundation. In fact, female anglers spend billions of dollars each year, creating tens of billions in economic impact. Are event owners engaging this population? more

Get your BID On: 2024 IIHF Women's World Championship

Here's a great way to get a jump start on the new year. USA Hockey has been selected to host the 2024 International Ice Hockey Federation Women's World Championship and is inviting all interested communities to bid on this marquee event. Bids are due to USA Hockey on January 20, 2023 so there's no time to lose. Everything you need is right here. more

Basketball in a Ballroom Lands Tournament in Foul Territory

Back in 2021, the training facilities for women's basketball during March Madness made headlines - and not in a good way, when it was revealed that the men had a full weight and fitness room while the women had a rack of dumbbells. This year, at the Las Vegas Invitational, women played in a hotel ballroom - and were asked to bring their own towels. more

College Campuses Nationwide Announce New Esports Facilities

Football and other traditional sports aren't the only activities generating excitement on college and university campuses this year. Esports arenas on campuses nationwide celebrated grand openings, further confirmation that today's institutions of higher education are helping train tomorrow's esports professionals. Here are three major venues. more

Race Directors Hail New Method of Drawing Attention to Running Events

Race directors have long been aware of the Six Star Journey - the quest for dedicated marathon runners to complete all six major world marathons: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. In 2023, up to 2,000 places across all six Abbott World Marathon Majors will be made available for members of Here's how to tie in. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: Santa Sunday

Inside Events: Santa Sunday

Each year, Maine's Sunday River Resort hosts a special "Santa Sunday" to kick off the festive season (and benefit a great cause). The event draws hundreds of skiers and snowboarders, all dressed as, yep, you guessed it, Santa. It's gimmicky, it's fun and it has great staying power, since it started in 2000. Sit back, sip some eggnog and learn more. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Thanks, Move United! The LA Rams Wheelchair Football Team beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wheelchair Football Team to win the USA Wheelchair Football League tournament in Salt Lake City | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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November/December 2022

November/December 2022

This year, which kicked off with the Olympic Games in Beijing and winds up with the World Cup in Qatar, has been one for the books and it's not even over yet. But wow - what a ride it has been so far. This issue includes sports that made the news in 2022 (along with great business information) but the real star is our award winners. What is our takeaway from those? That our industry is moving ahead. The economic impact for just our champions was $2.42 billion. Winners covered a wide range of sports, disciplines and abilities but they all enriched the communities that hosted them. There's a lot to learn, and a lot to celebrate. Get started here. more

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Last word...

"I used to be really good. I just can't practice like I used to. Everything hurts when I swing."

~ Lawrence Taylor, NFL Hall of Fame linebacker, speaking to the Palm Beach Post about playing golf in his retirement.

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