August 10, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #41: August 10, 2016

'Superbug' Threatening Swimming and Diving Events

It doesn't have the scariness of the brain-eating amoeba, but an intestinal illness that is infecting users of swimming pools, and seems to be resistant to normal chlorination, may be the next big headache for sports event planners. Here's how to protect athletes and others. more

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Destination Spotlight

Beauty of the Beach

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, isn't built on sand. Don't get us wrong: 60 miles of beach is a huge asset for any destination. But it's the local communities on and off the shoreline that combine to make Myrtle Beach able to offer so much more. With 500 miles of sports facilities (both indoor and outdoor), Myrtle Beach proper has the largest number and variety of venues available to host events at any level. Get to know the destination that is fast becoming a haven for sports events and a place to stay and unwind once the competitions are over. more

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In other news and commentary...
Four Years After 2012 Olympics, London's Economy Sees Huge ROI

Nobody knows the economic impact of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. But a recent report published by promotion company London & Partners International indicates hosting major sporting events has contributed more than $2.1 billion to London's economy since that city's 2012 Olympics and Paralympics more

US Open: The Nation's Biggest Tennis Tournament by the Numbers

The battle for medals is raging in Rio, but the Big Apple is bracing for big-name tennis as the US Open comes to Flushing, New York. The summer juggernaut of racquet sports brings in tourism, media coverage and big numbers in all of them. more

On the Hoof: How Equine Athletes Got to Rio

When an Olympic athlete, whether a swimmer, team handball or water polo player, is ready to travel, he or she hops a plane. But there's a whole other segment of the athlete market that also needed to fly, and its mode of travel was more complex than you'd imagine. more

Skateboarding World in Disarray Despite New Olympic-Sport Status

Skateboarding, it seems, just can't play nice. Despite being named a new Olympic medal sport for 2020, the sport is plagued by infighting and backbiting. Is this how it rolls, or will it overcome its growing pains in time to work with the IOC? more

Bad News for Sports Planners: Miami is Latest Hotbed of Zika

Not even a wall around the U.S. would stop this threat. Miami is the latest area of concern for the Zika virus, following the diagnosis of several cases in a neighborhood in the area. CDC personnel are already on the ground and more are arriving daily. more

Jai-Alai 'on Life Support:' How a Hot Sport Went Cold

Jai-alai was the roller disco of its time: hot and happening, particularly in Florida. These days, it struggles to find players, much less an audience. What happened to the sport that was the toast of the Southeast and where did all those athletes go? more

Inside Events

USTA Tennis On Campus

USTA Tennis On Campus, one of the most vibrant and dynamic student-led sports programs, is a club team tennis program involving more than 45,000 student-athletes across the United States. It is offered by the United States Tennis Association as an alternative to varsity sports programs. more

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"For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth."

~ Mary Lou Retton, American gymnast

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