April 5, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #57: April 05, 2017

2017 Masters by the Numbers: Green Jackets, Pink Azaleas and More

The tickets don't cost less than $1,400. The concessions don't cost more than $3 (a whopping $5 for an import beer.) The Masters returns, bringing amazing shots, gorgeous azaleas and the ever-popular green jacket. But really, it's all about the numbers. (Admit it, we had you at $2 concessions.)

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Destination Spotlight

In Maryland, All Athletes Can Find Their Game

With topography as varied as the U.S. itself, Maryland is primed and ready to host any event. From mountain biking and whitewater kayaking in Western Maryland, to marlin fishing in Ocean City, to soccer in the plethora of sportsfield complexes spread across the state, to cheerleading and gymnastics events in the Baltimore City and Ocean City Convention Centers, to indoor or outdoor tennis complexes to baseball in no less than nine minor league ballparks and more, the state has much to offer. It's also accessible to travelers using any mode of transportation. In short, according to Terry Hasseltine, executive director of Maryland Sports, it's a perfect location, and one planners should be considering in their site selection decisions.

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In other news and commentary...
North Carolina Repeals HB2 - NCAA Grudgingly Allows State to Bid

The decision by North Carolina lawmakers to repeal House Bill 2, the state's infamous so-called "bathroom bill,"comes just weeks before the NCAA is set to announce its tournament and championship sites for 2019 through 2022 on April 18. The question is whether it will have the desired result.

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Tax Day and Easter Mean Big Returns for Sports Events

Here come Peter Cottontail AND the tax man... with planners of sports events not far behind, ready to make money on novelty tie-ins. With April 15 falling on Saturday (and the Saturday before Easter to boot), there are plenty of opportunities to bring humor and fun to sports.

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone? A False Spring Followed by a Blizzard Hurts the Backdrop of Blooms Spring Event Planners Count On

Mother Nature had some serious mood swings this spring. From teasing the Northeast with temperatures in the 70s one week to pounding it with blizzards the next, there was some (ahem) bipolar weather. It also caused disappointment for those whose sports events counted on a backdrop of spring blooms.

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Bring on the Spring: Ski Resorts Make the Most of the Muddy Transitional Season

The snow is melting. The crocuses are up. The robins and bluebirds are around. And ski resorts are rising to the challenge of this muddy, messy period. See what they're doing to create economic impact and keep users engaged before mountain bike, obstacle racing and trail running season starts.

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March Madness: Broken Brackets and Broken Bank Accounts

Your bracket is busted and you're out a few dollars in the betting pool. Just be glad you're not the families of some of those athletes, who shelled out quite a bit to watch them play in various cities. Here's a rundown of the numbers.

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Coming Up Short: When a Course Error Means Athletes Can't Qualify for a Bigger Race

If "every sports event planner's nightmare" had an illustration, it might be this: runners standing open-mouthed after finishing a marathon with a Boston-qualifying time, only to find out they can't qualify because of a course error. But several event directors have been faced with that this past year.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: United States Gaelic Athletic Association

Many sports, including soccer, came to America in the process of immigration. Others have evolved over time. But when an American organization works to preserve three sports from outside the U.S., and is booking large national championships, it's worth a second look. Meet the United States Gaelic Athletic Association.

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In April, the U.S. Bowling Congress hosts Intercollegiate Team Championships. Greg Young of McKendree University won the 2016 men's title at Northrock Lanes in Wichita, KS. Photo: USBC. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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March/April 2017

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Last word...

"If you don't get goose bumps when you walk into this place, you don't have a pulse."

~ Don Sutton. Baseball Hall of Famer, on the Masters

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