April 20, 2016 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #33: April 20, 2016

Could Health Precautions in Rio Trip Up Athletes' Drug Tests?

With the Games inching closer, many athletes are caught between the rock of drug-testing and the hard place of needing to protect themselves from Zika, polluted water and more in Rio. Thus, the question: how likely is it that a positive drug test will come as a result of some the precautions being taken?

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Destination Spotlight

Bryan College Station, Texas: A Reputation for Cooperation

When the convention and visitors bureau for Bryan College Station changed its name to Bryan College Station Sports + Events, it was not because of changes in its role; in fact, the organization already had a history of attracting and marketing successful sports events. Rather, it was a reflection of the area's ever-growing role as a sports destination. The dual cities of Bryan and College Station, with a collective population of about 200,000 residents, plus the student body at Texas A'M, host a wide range of diverse events, from soccer to equestrian, from basketball to softball and from lacrosse to football. Learn all about Aggieland and what it has to offer.

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In other news and commentary...
Shaky March Madness Numbers Show Changes in Viewership

When sports business analysts look back at viewership statistics for March Madness 2016, it's unlikely that it will be a year for the record books. Ratings were down, but analysts say it's part of a trend, and that small-screen views might be one of the biggest culprits.

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Sports Tourism Puts North Carolina's Controversial Legislation in the Hot Seat

In a dance that seems all too familiar, yet another governor is trying to backstep after passing yet another piece of controversial legislation that turned into a yet another tourism nightmare. This time, it's North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory whose state, currently poised to accommodate the NFL, NBA, NCAA and more, is in the crosshairs.

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Getting Millennials into Sports Means Letting them be Kids

Millennials are poised for world domination, someday. In the meantime, they enjoy escaping back into childhood periodically. And that just might be really good news for sports event organizers. All they need to do is tap into that wish to get back to the playground.

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With No Flag to Carry, Refugee Athletes Have Message of Unity in Rio

Before the Olympics, it's typical for U.S. athletes to lobby to be the flag-bearer who leads the contingent into Opening Ceremonies. For another group of athletes, though, there is no flag to fight over. They're refugees, even though they're Olympians, and they left behind everything to survive. Now, they're the feel-good story of the Games.

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Climbing in Popularity, a Potential Olympic Sport Forges Alliances

As decision time nears for the five sports being considered for Olympic inclusion, one is working on forging alliances with affiliated organizations to strengthen its case. The International Federation of Sport Climbing has signed up six official partners for the 2016 season.

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Rio's Woes Continue as Olympic Velodrome Fails to Meet Latest Deadline

While it has already been established that Rio is far from ready for its close-up, the latest downturn, the failure of the Velodrome to host a test event, has been an embarrassment for organizers. And with less than four months until showtime, it's a full-blown crisis.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Shooting

A summer Olympics sport with a multitude of disciplines, shooting appeals to a wide range of interests. USA Shooting's newest campaign, designed to draw in everyone from hunters to NCAA competitors, should help raise the profile. Here's an insider's view of the sport and its NGB's goals for Rio.

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