NVL Announces 2016 Pro Tour Schedule & NVL Rize Junior Events

21 Mar, 2016

The National Volleyball League's (NVL) pro tour schedule has officially been announced, and the first six professional tour destinations in 2016.

The initial schedule includes events in San Antonio, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Columbus, OH; Hermosa Beach, CA; and Port St. Lucie, FL. Each event will feature world-class competition in a festive, beach-party atmosphere, which highlights both the lifestyle and elements of the sport itself.

"We are excited to host the season opening event and the Player's Championship at our Club Med NVL facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  This facility has become a world class volleyball training center and the only beach volleyball academy in the U.S. ," said NVL Founder & CEO Albert Hannemann."Being an Olympic year and official women's collegiate sport, beach volleyball has never been more popular. We look forward to sharing this lifestyle with fans and to continuing to grow the game."

After opening the tour in Port St. Lucie, Florida, the next event will be at new location in San Antonio, Texas. The next stops will be a return to Bradford Beach, Milwaukee, a new event in Columbus, Ohio, and a return to Hermosa Beach, California. The final event will conclude in Port St. Lucie. The NVL is currently in discussions with several additional cities with the intent to add more professional events.

2016 NVL Pro Beach Volleyball Tour Schedule:




May 20th-22nd

East Coast Championships

Club Med NVL Academies

Port St. Lucie, FL

June 24th-26th

Southwest Championships


San Antonio, TX

July 8th-10th

Milwaukee Championships

Bradford Beach

Milwaukee, WI

July 15th-17th

Midwest Championships


Columbus, OH

August 11th-13th

West Coast Championships

Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Beach, CA

September 8th-10th

Player's Championships

Club Med NVL Academies

Port St. Lucie, FL

For more information about the Pro Tour schedule click here.  

Beyond the professional tour, NVL RIZE expands to host qualifiers across the country allowing the top junior athletes the opportunity to play in the 3rd Annual Global Challenge Invitational Junior Championships, which are set to take place in Port St. Lucie, FL at Club Med NVL Academies July 23rd-July 24th (12U-14U) and July 29th-31st (16U-18U).

"We are excited about the partnerships we have created for this upcoming 2016 NVL RIZE season," said Tyler Counts, Director of NVL RIZE. "The increased number of tournaments and bids for the 3rd Annual Global Challenge Invitational Junior Championships demonstrates our commitment to growing the game of beach volleyball and fueling the dream for junior players across the country."

NVL RIZE hosted its first Global Challenge qualifier in Dallas, Texas, on January 30th and has thirteen additional national qualifiers scheduled to occur between now and July. In addition to the qualifiers, NVL RIZE plans to host other unique tournaments including Best of Beach, Club versus Club, and tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico. View the current confirmed 2016 NVL RIZE Junior Tour schedule at click here

About The National Volleyball League: Established in 2010, the NVL is a professional beach volleyball league built by players for all players, united in one mission: to create a sustainable future for pro beach volleyball in the U.S. Heading into its 6th Pro season, a national grassroots series, and the Club Med NVL Volleyball Academy, the NVL is the only national platform for current professionals and players of all levels to showcase their talents and pursue their aspirations in the sport. With sand volleyball now a sanctioned high school sport and an NCAA collegiate sport, the NVL is building the infrastructure for young players to achieve their dreams. 

For more information about the NVL 2016 Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, please contact Christine Maleske at Christine@TheNVL.com, and for information about the NVL RIZE 2016 Junior Tour please contact Tyler Counts, at TC@TheNVL.com. Visit the NVL at www.thenvl.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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