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US Masters Swimming Programs Nationwide Offering Workouts, Clinics

7 Jun, 2019

U.S. Masters Swimming programs across the country are offering free workouts to interested participants from June 1-10 as part of the organization's Try Masters Swimming Week initiative.

Swimmers who are interested in participating are asked to complete a digital trial membership form at usms.org/join-usms/trial-membership. After filling out the form, they'll be provided a list of clubs in their area participating in Try Masters Swimming Week that they can swim with.

"Whether you're looking to improve your overall fitness, swimming for fun, training for a competition, or learning how to swim, we invite you to come enjoy the sport of swimming," says USMS CEO Dawson Hughes. "We want as many people as possible to experience the mental and health benefits of swimming and the social connections that they can make with other swimmers in their area."

This is the fourth year of Try Masters Swimming Week, a nationwide initiative to promote the health, fitness, and social benefits of swimming to all adults, regardless of ability or age. Hundreds of swimmers ages 18 and up jump into the water each year during Try Masters Swimming Week.

Swimmers who would like to learn more about Try Masters Swimming Week can visit usms.org/join-usms/try-masters-swimming-week, call 941-256-8767, or email membership@usmastersswimming.org.

U.S. Masters Swimming encourages adults to enjoy the health, fitness, and social benefits of swimming by providing more than 2,000 adult swimming programs and events across the country, including open water and pool competitions. USMS's nearly 65,000 members range from age 18 to 97 and include swimmers of all ability levels. USMS, a nonprofit, also trains and certifies coaches and provides online workouts, a bimonthly member magazine, monthly newsletters, and technique articles and videos at usms.org.


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