September 06, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #67: September 06, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Halts Sports but Spurs Athletes into Action

Hurricane Harvey's impact on the Texas coast is still being measured. The death toll is the worst part, with homes and businesses also having been damaged or destroyed. One microcosm of the Texas economy is the sports industry; it, too, has been knocked down, but is staggering up again. more

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Destination Spotlight

Columbia's Winning Combination of Surprising Sports

Three rivers flow through Columbia, South Carolina, helping the city earn its status among the top 10 paddlesports destinations in the country. One of those rivers - the 150-mile Broad River that runs north and south - has become renowned for its unobstructed surface, wooded protection from winds and year-round availability. And rowing teams are noticing. But so are other sports, including quidditch, roller derby, tennis, baseball, basketball and soccer. And with a variety of venues to suit events of any size and level, ColumbiaSC is making a name for itself across the leaderboard. Accommodations are plentiful and so are the opportunities for fun off the field and after hours. Get to know the city that offers more than you think. more

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Featured Destination

Chester County, Pennsylvania: Charming Scenery, Non-Stop Sports Action

Chester County's Brandywine Valley is just a short drive from the high energy, on-the-go mentality of downtown Philadelphia. And while those rolling green hills, rambling rivers, picturesque farmland and charming downtowns might give the first impression of a laid-back town, there's still a bit of sports excitement going on. more

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In other news and commentary...
US Open by the Numbers: Court is Back in Session in NYC

September might mean back to school, but in Manhattan, it's back to the court as a sea of tennis fans swarms into the subways, en route to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The US Open is in full swing, part of the $4.94 billion tennis economy nationwide. more

Youth Sports Tourism Boom Generating Mass Media Coverage - Complete with Added Scrutiny

The awareness of sports tourism continues to grow. From national news to HBO to Time Magazine, media outlets are latching onto the startling numbers in both participation and economic impact. Here's a roundup of the latest headlines and findings in the mainstream media more

Event Owners Beware: Counterfeit Merchandise, Tournament T-Shirt Scams Growing Exponentially

Scams aren't new, but a new variation is affecting sports events. A company began contacting Evanston, Illinois, businesses, offering to sell them ads that would appear on the back of T-shirts to be distributed free at high school sports events. Only one problem: the school had never authorized anything. more

'Average Joe' Tournaments Bringing USA Table Tennis Out of the Basement, Into the Limelight

The 'Average Joe' initiative at USA Table Tennis is aimed at driving sports tourism on the most user-friendly level possible: the entry level. By reaching out to owners of basement ping-pong tables, USATT is setting an example for NGBs and event owners everywhere for new revenue streams. more

Cancellations and Course Mismeasurements Lead to Gun-Shy Marathoners and Challenges for Planners

When a Portland, Oregon, man filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the cancelled-at-the-last-minute Vancouver USA Marathon, it was more than just an attempt to regain lost registration. It was a cautionary tale for event planners everywhere, and so are athletes' fears of signing up for future races. more

Plague Bacteria Discovered in Arizona Counties. What Health Officials are Saying and How to be Prepared.

While a hurricane was washing over portions of Texas, a very different problem was spreading in the desert climate of Arizona. And when folks started hearing about it, it was cause for a huge double-take. The problem: plague. And yes, sports event owners need to know about it. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: IRONMAN

An event that was conceived among a group of friends to find out just who was the toughest athlete, the IRONMAN triathlon quickly developed a reputation as the multisport event that challenges elite-level athletes worldwide. Learn about the event’s history, its growth, its trends, initiatives and its plans for the future. more

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Watch as USA's Sloane Stephens advances to her first #USOpen second round since 2014, taking out the 2015 finalist, Roberta Vinci. The 2017 US Open runs through September 10 in NYC | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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"I was thinking, 'These are the shots Venus usually takes in doubles. Where is Venus when you need her?'"

~ Serena Williams to reporters at last year's US Open, speaking about a missed shot during one of her singles matches.

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