October 31, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #96: October 31, 2018

First eSports Reality Series Hits the Airwaves: What It Means to Event Organizers

It's a cross between MTV's then-groundbreaking reality series, "The Real World," (strangers dropped into the petri dish of a house and covered 24/7) and eSports (a growing industry if there ever was one). And sports event owners should be ready for even the mainstream kids coming into events.

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Destination Spotlight

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Capital Improvements Make Oklahoma's Capitol City a Major Midwest Destination

Oklahoma City is a capital destination for sports and as such, it has made some capital improvements to increase its already excellent athletic infrastructure. Softball, wrestling and paddle sports play there. USA Softball is here, and the Women's College World Series returns annually. Oklahoma City University has been a pioneer in women's wrestling and a whitewater rafting and kayaking center opened in May. This destination offers cosmopolitan shopping and dining options, a wide range of hotel choices and some of the most fun diversions for families and off-duty athletes ever. It also offers somber reflections, exciting marathons and more sports facilities than you knew. Get to know Oklahoma City.

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Featured Destination

East Meets West in America's 50th State

It takes more than a volcano to slow down Hawaii. Coming off three straight years of record-breaking hotel bookings, the islands are growing sports tourism as well. Meet the destination that welcomes NBA players as handily as it hosts surfing pros.

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In other news and commentary...
Airport HotSpots: the New Hunting Grounds for Cybercriminals

Just when you thought it was safe to plug back into Wi-Fi. There's another place where cybercriminals are lurking and it's a place that event owners spend a lot of time: airports. Is your data safe? Want to keep it that way? Here are some tips from the experts.

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Sports Betting and Youth Sports: The Perfect Match?

As more states legalize sports betting, government officials are faced with the question of where that revenue should go. Such oft-cited options include road repairs and pension funds, but now youth sports has entered the conversation. And if you think it's impossible, we have only two words: Wanna bet?

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What is Wellness Tourism and How Can You Harness it for Your Events?

Call it a side effect of sports tourism or perhaps a grown-up variation on it. Wellness tourism, including spa visits, yoga retreats and travels that center on healthy eating, is on the grow, and a lot of sports parents are taking advantage of it. Here's how you can too.

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Is Snow Farming the Future of the Ski Industry?

Call it climate change. Call it global warming. Call it a below-average snow year. Whatever you call it, it hurts outdoor winter sports events and necessitates something new: snow farming. Here's an inside look on where snow is coming from - and how transporting it is big business.

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How High Schools are Adapting in Aftermath of Fights at Games

A spate of fights breaking out among either players or spectators (yes, including parents) during and after high school and youth games has schools around the country taking punitive actions and precautionary measures. What can planners learn from it and how can they be proactive as a result?

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New Federal Law Protects Medical Professionals Who Travel with Teams

Something in the Betcha Didn't Know column: Medical professionals traveling with sports teams are now protected by a federal law that ensures their license and liability insurance remains in effect after crossing state lines. Here are all the details event planners need to know.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: The Zombie Mud Run

Halloween is here and that means a huge uptick in all events creepy and scary. One that has withstood the test of seasons is the Zombie Mud Run. Offered throughout the year, this obstacle race and fun run hybrid keeps packing in the spectators and bringing in the volunteers.

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