October 18, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #70: October 18, 2017

Could the NCAA Scandal Affect Travel Teams? An Industry Ponders the Question

The details of the NCAA scandal are still unfolding, but it's safe to say there's extensive coverage on an up-to-the-minute basis. What's less well-known is the impact it could have on travel teams. Here's an update on the possible scenarios and what they could mean to the industry.

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Destination Spotlight

America's 50th State Opens Its Sporting Doors to the World

Once renowned for hosting the Pro Bowl (the National Football League's annual all-star game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu for more than 30 years) Hawai'i has fast become a go-to destination for a variety of sports event planners from Mainland USA and Asian and Australian countries, too. And it's not just surfing and water sports that Hawai'i is offering; there's basketball, volleyball, futsal and golf as well as myriad other athletic events. In fact, the local CVB is "open to whatever that makes sense." From the NBA to the high school level, planners of events are discovering (or rediscovering) the islands that have it all. Meet the destination with extraordinary venues, wonderful weather and great scenery to back it up. Meet Hawai'i.

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Featured Destination

Oklahoma City: A Whole New Landscape to Experience

Oklahoma City is a comfortably smaller market that's big on sports. With quality venues, affordable rates and a friendly atmosphere, OKC is one of the most accommodating destinations in the Southwest. And there's so much new happening these days, it's a whole new landscape to set your eyes on. Learn about the best and the most innovative features OKC has to offer.

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In other news and commentary...
Concussion Insurance: What Event Organizers Need to Know

In the wake of new research showing participation in youth football increases the risk of brain injury, it's not surprising that the Wyoming High School Activities Association recently purchased a concussion insurance policy for its 25,000 student-athletes. Do you need it? Here's what to know.

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Marathons and Triathlons: The New Endangered Species?

Times were, marathons (and triathlons) were a guaranteed cash cow. They brought in the athletes and spectators, made money for cities and often garnered great media attention. But problems with permitting, increasing costs and more have resulted in fewer events and lower registrations. What to do?

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Will Lawsuits Unravel the Safety Net the 'Baseball Rule' Has Enjoyed?

It didn't take long for Major League Baseball's netting issue to start unravelling. It has long hidden behind a century-old line on tickets saying spectators waived their right to sue. But two injuries later, a two lawsuits have been filed. It appears MLB's hand is about to be forced.

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Battle Over Helmets for Female Lacrosse Players Rages On

When this fall, Brown University became the first DI women's lacrosse program to require helmets of all its players, it led to plenty of debate. But that was only the latest salvo in the battle, which continues to rage. Here's an update for event organizers.

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Seven Niche Sports, One Common Denominator: The Quest for Recognition

Seven niche sports that couldn't be more different just got a common denominator: they took their first steps toward international recognition. Whether they are able to gain a foothold on the Olympic level has yet to be seen, but event organizers should be familiar with them.

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By the Numbers: The NBA

The 2017-18 NBA regular season began yesterday and it runs until June. Which means we've got plenty of time to ponder the possibilities of a fourth straight NBA Finals featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Here are some other numbers to consider.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Jump Rope

If fast, powerful and athletic weren't terms you previously associated with jump rope, get ready to have your paradigm shifted. Meet USA Jump Rope, the sport's national governing body, that sanctions competitive events across the United States, fields a national team and competes at the international level.

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