October 04, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #69: October 04, 2017

Halloween Themed Events Can be an Economic Treat

Halloween comes on a Tuesday this year. Count on the celebrations to start the Friday before, at least for those who want to make money. How much money? Well, Halloween is a $9 billion-plus industry and a good chunk of that will be spent at sports events.

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Destination Spotlight

America's 50th State Opens Its Sporting Doors to the World

Once renowned for hosting the Pro Bowl (the National Football League's annual all-star game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu for more than 30 years) Hawai'i has fast become a go-to destination for a variety of sports event planners from Mainland USA and Asian and Australian countries, too. And it's not just surfing and water sports that Hawai'i is offering; there's basketball, volleyball, futsal and golf as well as myriad other athletic events. In fact, the local CVB is "open to whatever that makes sense." From the NBA to the high school level, planners of events are discovering (or rediscovering) the islands that have it all. Meet the destination with extraordinary venues, wonderful weather and great scenery to back it up. Meet Hawai'i.

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Featured Destination

Yuma, Arizona: The World's Sunniest Sports Destination

If you dread planning an event around the weather, let us to introduce you to the city that holds the Guinness World Record for the sunniest place on Earth: Yuma, Arizona. With an assortment of terrific sports facilities and a range of modern accommodations suited to all budgets, Yuma is more than ready to host your sports event and send your athletes home happy.

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In other news and commentary...
LAST CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Awards

It's time for Sports Destination Management to recognize sports tourism leaders. Help salute events that make sports tourism grow. Our deadline is Friday, October 6 to help us find those events that have made an outstanding economic impact. This includes all types of sports events, at all levels of play.

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As Puerto Rico Fights to Recover, Rescheduled Sports Events Are Imminent

The reschedule notice wasn't terribly long, but it was telling. The International Billfish Tournament, scheduled for late September in Puerto Rico, was being moved to November. It's far from the only event that stands to be affected by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria. Here is a synopsis.

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After Toddler Struck in the Face, Will Baseball Netting Restrictions Be Strengthened?

At the end of 2015, Major League Baseball recommended (but did not mandate) increased safety netting at its parks following injuries to several fans. Now, the issue has resurfaced after a toddler was struck in the face by a 105-mph foul ball. Here's what event owners should know.

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Pole Sports: 'We Will Not Become Part of Gymnastics'

Pole sports (that would be pole dancing, not pole vaulting) is continuing in its quest for acceptance and respect among its fellow international sports foundations. And along the way, it's making one thing clear: it's not gymnastics and it never will be. Here's an update.

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World Paralympic Championships Postponed in Wake of Mexico City Earthquake

The biggest aftershock of the devastating earthquake to hit Mexico City was a death toll that soared above 300. It didn't even cause a ripple, therefore, that two Paralympic world championships scheduled to be held there were postponed. An archery event, meanwhile, is adopting a wait-and-see attitude.

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Is the Trump-Kim Standoff the Cause of Frigid Ticket Sales for the Winter Olympics?

It's not up there with the problems that plagued the Rio Olympics, but it's still not a good sign. With the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, clearly in sight, only seven percent of tickets have been sold. Could the proximity to North Korea be at fault?

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Inside Events

Inside Events: Panic in the Dark

It's the time of year for Halloween-themed sports events. To keep its readers in the spirit (see what we did there?), SDM is presenting an overview of Panic in the Dark, a night-time zombie obstacle run that was listed among the top-10 scariest races in the U.S. And if mud, blood and guts is not everyone's cup of gore, there's the non-obstacle Family Fear 5K. Meet New England's spookiest event.

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The UK's Paralympic double bronze medalist Lucy Shuker, one of the highest-ranked wheelchair tennis athletes, plays in the PTR Wheelchair Championships. Photo courtesy of Dayle Thomas. Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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