October 03, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #94: October 03, 2018

University of Akron to Cut 80 Degree Programs, Shift Focus to eSports

You read that headline correctly. The University of Akron is phasing out 80 degree programs to make way for dedicated eSports majors and facilities. It eliminates multiple majors and programs at the Ph.D. master's, baccalaureate and associate levels. And as you might imagine, it's a controversial decision.

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Destination Spotlight

Stay Ahead of the Game in Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock earned the nickname, "The Hub City," for the five major highways that pass through town, forming a hub. That feature, along with Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB), puts Lubbock within easy reach of thousands of sports traveling families, and helps the city welcome team after team, athlete after athlete. There are venues galore for baseball (13 unique complexes), bowling (three state-of-the-art complexes including a 28-lane complex) and football (this is Texas, people) as well as plenty of others. And while stress-free transportation and outstanding service are Lubbock standards, this West Texas town knows that it takes more than that to knock one out of the park and keep those visiting teams coming back to the area.

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Featured Destination

Lackawanna County: The Sweet Spot for Sports

At Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, we're outstanding in our field - and our fields are equally outstanding. In fact, in Northeastern Pennsylvania (or NEPA, as we say here), we have more than 50 baseball fields, more than 60 softball fields and more than 40 basketball courts. And that's not all.

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In other news and commentary...
Last Call for SDM's Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism Awards Program

Last call! Sports Destination Management reminds its readers to nominate their events for its 2018 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism awards.

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Judge to Parent: Coaches, Not Courts, Decide Who's on the Soccer Team

A federal judge denied a soccer mom's attempt to force a high school to put her son on the team, despite her claim that he would suffer "irreparable harm" by being left out. And, the judge warned, it was the coach, not the courts, who should make those decisions.

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The Groundswell of Growth in Flag Football

As difficult as it is to believe, playing tackle football before high school was uncommon until at least the 1950s. Now, a half-century later, the NFL spends more than $100 million promoting youth tackle football. But flag football is quietly growing - and could be winning - that battle.

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New Report Provides Insights on What Sports are Growing, Gaining in Popularity

Your parents were right after all when they told you to go outside and play. And a new report covering trends in the sports and fitness industry backs that up, showing enormous growth in more than a dozen outdoor pursuits. A few insights for planners are detailed here.

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How a New Airline Regulation Will Affect Sports Travel

The seats get smaller, the surprise fees get bigger - and the complaints are getting loud enough that elected officials are seeing fit to get involved. Here's what was passed in the 1,200-page-plus bill given to Congress - and what was not.

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Record Halloween Spending Expected to Create Economic Treats for Planners

No matter that Halloween falls midweek this year. If marketed correctly, it's an opportunity for sports event owners to celebrate the occasion twice and to leave no (grave) stone unturned in their search for a revenue stream - particularly one with a $9 billion economic impact being forecast.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: United States Association of Blind Athletes

The United States Association of Blind Athletes, a member of the USOC and a major part of the Paralympic movement, is setting out a new challenge to event owners: Blind Sports Day. Learn about the event, its purpose and how to get involved.

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