November 14, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #97: November 14, 2018

USA Shooting Auction Debacle Shows Importance of Vetting Partners

The importance of vetting partners and sponsors (and what happens when you apparently don't) has been on display this week, thanks to a high-profile problem in which an NGB announced an alliance with an auction site that turned out to sell Nazi memorabilia. And the NGB isn't backing down. more

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Destination Spotlight

A Winning Game in Southern California

When it comes to finding a destination to host sporting events, Irvine, California, needs to be at the top of the list. At the center of Orange County, the area averages more than 280 sunny days a year, with annual high temperatures around 73 degrees. "We have no 'off-season' here," says Dave Lucey, the director of sports sales for Destination Irvine. "The weather here is just perfect, year-round." But in addition to the excellent weather, Irvine has top-notch sports facilities - new, modern and well-maintained. Importantly, the city continues to grow and invest in its sports venues. And with a sports park that can handle soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and more, aquatics facilities and even a new ice venue, that investment is paying off. more

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Featured Destination

East Meets West in America's 50th State

It takes more than a volcano to slow down Hawaii. Coming off three straight years of record-breaking hotel bookings, the islands are growing sports tourism as well. Meet the destination that welcomes NBA players as handily as it hosts surfing pros. more

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In other news and commentary...
With a Possible Separation from the USOC, What Happens to Sanctioning of Gymnastics Events?

With a potential ouster of USA Gymnastics as the sport's governing body, what will happen to sanctioned events? And who will sanction them in the future? It's a question that preys on event owners' minds - and for now, nobody seems to have an answer. Here's what we do know. more

In a Surprise Honor, L.A. Will Host the World Urban Games Next Year

The next Olympics there may be a decade out but Los Angeles is getting a warm-up. The city has been named to host the first two editions of the World Urban Games, starting as soon as 2019. What could it mean to organizers who have already scheduled events there? more

College Triathlon Closing in on NCAA Championship Status

Women's triathlon continues its march toward NCAA championship sport status. Need proof? USA Triathlon's most recent announcement shows Hampton University is not only the latest school in the nation to add a varsity women's triathlon program - it's the first-ever HBCU to do so. more

Varsity Letters Now Include BBQ

Where there's smoke, there's high school barbecue teams. Varsity barbecue is a reality and while it's an exaggeration to say the trend is spreading like wildfire, it's definitely heating up. Event owners who follow the smoke can gain a new revenue stream and an extra helping of media attention. more

Concussion Report: Pop Warner's Program, a New Book and a Huge Lawsuit

What is the latest news, and what studies, developments and initiatives are intended to prevent (or at least lower the risk of) concussions in sports around the U.S.? Learn here, in the first of a series of reports covering the evolving industry of concussion awareness and avoidance. more

Northern California Fires Wreaking Havoc

In Northern California, a destructive and fast-moving wildfire is causing widespread fatalities and devastation. Sports events took a back seat as schools closed and entire towns were evacuated. Here is the most recent information from local news sources, and at least one adjacent sports destination was affected. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: Maccabi USA

The World Maccabiah Games is the largest and oldest Jewish athletic competition. Selecting and supporting Team USA is Maccabi USA, which honors, through sports, the American Jewish community. Learn about its work, its goals - and how it grew from sending nine athletes in 1932, to more than 1,100 today. more

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Ross Edgley (featured on SDM's cover) has completed his historic swim around mainland Great Britain - 157 days and 2,000 miles at sea. He started June 1 and swam ashore on November 4. | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 

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