November 01, 2017 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #71: November 01, 2017

How the Vegas Shooting Has Sports Venues Rethinking Security

The aftershocks of the Las Vegas shooting continue to be felt. In the sports event planning world, that translates into new action plans for security in an attempt to be even more proactive and vigilant. Unfortunately, most of the country's 140 major sports stadiums are far from secure. more

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Destination Spotlight

Uncovering a Sports Gem in Kentucky

There are a lot of reasons to visit Owensboro, nestled on a scenic bend of the Ohio River in western Kentucky. Music fans are attracted to the area's ties to the roots of bluegrass, including the many festivals held every year, along with the unique International Bluegrass Music Museum. If you're a fan of barbecue, there's the world-famous International Bar-B-Q Festival and Owensboro's signature barbecued mutton and burgoo. More importantly, though, if you're a sports fan, there's the fact that Owensboro, the state's fourth-largest city, was picked by Sports Illustrated magazine as its "No. 1 Sportstown" in Kentucky. This city has venues for soccer, softball, tennis, football, ice hockey and figure skating, golf and so much more. more

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Featured Destination

Odessa, Texas: Friday Night Lights and So Much More

Drive through any small town in Texas on a Friday night and you'll find the local football stadium is a hub of excitement. Odessa is like that (after all, this is the origin of Friday Night Lights), but also holds the claim of being a hub for almost any sport. Discover Odessa, its first-class facilities and its warm welcome. more

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In other news and commentary...
Case Studies: California Wildfires Continue to Impact Sports Events

As Northern California's Wine Country continued to burn, event organizers ranging from golf club owners to high school athletic directors were forced to act fast. Some events were cancelled, some rescheduled and some relocated - but in all cases, the disaster had a profound effect. Here's a round-up more

Is the Youth Soccer Model to Blame for the Failure of the U.S. Men's National Team?

Has an overabundance of overly expensive private youth soccer programs stifled talent and led to lower-quality U.S. players? That theory continues to surface in the wake of the USMNT failing to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Event owners need to know about the latest criticism. more

In Ironic Twist, U.S. Back in the Game to Host Winter Olympics

Want irony? The IOC has it. Innsbruck (who previously stepped in to host the 1976 Olympics following the first-ever referendum from the U.S.) just had to back away from the 2026 bargaining table thanks to its own referendum. And guess who's now back in contention to host? The U.S. more

On the Radar: College Triathlon is on the Rise

When USA Triathlon announced Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, as the latest school in the nation to add a varsity women's triathlon program, it should have made event planners and destinations sit up and take notice. Why? Because it's a trend that is picking up speed. more

Rental Cars Becoming a New Endangered Species

And you thought bottled water was going to be hard to come by. The aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey has created something most people never even considered: a shortage of rental cars. And it's something sports event organizers need to be thinking about throughout this fall. more

Can Cricket Actually Find Footing in the United States?

Everyone has heard the promises: cricket is coming to national prominence in the U.S. But it has been 10 years since the $10 million cricket-specific taxpayer-funded stadium opened in Lauderhill, Florida, and since that time, it has become more multi-purpose in nature. Still, there are signs of growth. more

Inside Events

Inside Events: Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders

As a sports travel market, cheer is huge, with areas of special interest continuing to emerge. Meet the organization with not only national championships, regional and state competitions, but clinics, camps and coaching programs. The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders even has a hashtag: #FCCForLife, a symbol of its ongoing success. more

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The Warrior World Series of Youth Lacrosse sees U13 boys lacrosse teams competing in regionals, with the top teams advancing to the Championship Round in Denver, CO, on July 2-4, 2018 | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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