May 15, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #109: May 15, 2019
Organically Treated Fields are More Marketable - But Are They Better?

Organically Treated Fields are More Marketable - But Are They Better?

Cities with venues that use alternative energy sources and that make a commitment to eco-friendliness are seen as more desirable by potential clients. The newest wave of marketing is toward organic, pesticide-free sports fields - which an increasing number of districts are mandating. Will they stand up to critics? more

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Destination Spotlight

Envision Your Event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds

Want a destination that is versatile, easy to reach and fun? Meet the Missouri State Fairgrounds, a winning combination of location, flexible facilities and experienced staff. Year-round, the Fairgrounds host a diverse range of events including livestock shows, camping rallies, sporting events and more. more

Envision Your Event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds
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Featured Destination

Arizona's New Top Tournament Destination

The city of Surprise has everything planners need in a sports tournament destination, with nationally recognized facilities, year-round sunshine, plenty of fun things to do and an events team committed to success. And after hosting more than 100 events and tournaments per year, Surprise has a proven track record. Find your place in the sun here. more

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In other news and commentary...
Ohio Bill Would Make Assaulting Umpires, Referees a Felony

In an ideal world, this development would not be necessary. Ohio lawmakers want to put an end to assaults on sports officials at all levels once and for all. New bipartisan legislation would make such assaults a felony and carry a prison term and a stiff fine. more

Antitrust Lawsuit Could Mean Governing Bodies Can't be the Only Event Owners

It's being called a David and Goliath battle - and David already has the successful precedent. Three international-level swimmers have filed an antitrust suit against FINA following the governing body's work to shut down an independent meet in Italy by using the threat of banning members who participate. more

Theme Runs, Mud Runs Losing Ground in New Survey

After several years of a strong uptick driven by participation in non-traditional runs (themed fun runs, obstacles races and others), the sport of running appears to be going through a course correction. Traditional races, including 5Ks, 10Ks and the half marathon, are on the upswing. What should event owners know? more

FDA: Don't Use Mobile Apps to Diagnose Concussions

No, the FDA really shouldn't have to issue a warning to coaches and parents not to use apps and other devices to help assess, diagnose or manage concussions - but this spring, the agency found the market had forced its hand. Catch up on this and other CTE-related news. more

NFL, on the Trail of a Younger Audience, Drafts Fortnite

Fortnite continues its march into mainstream sports. Just last month, it was part of the in-event entertainment at the NFL Draft, where Twitch personality Nick "NickMercs" Kolcheff streamed Battle Royale live, playing the game alongside NFL pro players from Tennessee and Houston. What's next for esports? more

No Suit for You, Says Judge in NYC Airbnb Case

No suit for you! Planners encouraging athletes and teams to use Airbnb for events in New York City can breathe easy now that a judge has tossed a suit brought against the home-sharing site by a real estate brokerage trying to prove illegal competition. more

Inside Events
Inside Events: 3v3 LIVE Soccer Tour

Inside Events: 3v3 LIVE Soccer Tour

With local qualifiers, regional tournaments and national championships, the 3v3 LIVE Soccer Tour is making its presence known in the industry. Learn about the format that enhances player development, teaches leadership and decision-making and offers youth through adult play. Bonus: this event owner is looking for hosts in 2020. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

Super-Spike Presented by Michelob Ultra, Western Canada's largest outdoor volleyball tournament, Ultimate tournament and two-day concert series with a festival vibe, returns July 26-27. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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