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The finish line for this year is in sight. We made it through 2021 but we didn’t do it alone. All of us worked together to rebound and succeed. And when you really think about it, our industry isn’t made up of sports or events; it’s made up of people. It's those people who have helped and inspired us. Let’s continue to be there for one another. This issue showcases how much it means to have a thriving, supportive industry. Read more...

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The city of Surprise has everything planners need in a sports tournament destination, with nationally recognized facilities, year-round sunshine, plenty of fun things to do and an events team committed to success. And after hosting more than 100 events and tournaments per year, Surprise has a proven track record. Find your place in the sun here. more
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Softball Facilities: Hitting it Out of the Park
As softball prepares to make its triumphant return to the Olympics, organizers are looking forward to resuming their tournaments. The sport remains strong, with excellent participation numbers. Whether fast-pitch or slow-pitch, softball tournament organizers want the best facilities for their events. Here are some of the top venues from around the U.S. Read more...
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Diving Back In to Sports
Destinations are diving back into the sports tourism market, leveraging a primal element: water. Fishing tournaments, wakeboarding championships, standup paddle board competitions, boat racing and other events have a degree of natural, built-in safety and health that many other sports can’t yet offer. And they are helping the market rebound. Read more...
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Perfect Landings for Gymnastics Events
Highly competitive and entertaining, and with a unique blend of athleticism, strength and grace, gymnastics draws legions of participants and fans. The Summer Olympics can always be counted upon to draw even more interest, and to attract not only new athletes to programs, but spectators to competitions. Here are the destinations ready to host events. Read more...
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Safety and Security: More Important Now than Ever
Determine the best venue. Select the appropriate participants. Sell the tickets. Obtain the sponsorships. Communicate with all the stakeholders. Check all those boxes. But there’s another item on the list, and it should be at the very top. It’s making a plan for safety and security. Here are some insider tips for creating a multilayered plan that works. Read more...
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