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The finish line for this year is in sight. We made it through 2021 but we didn’t do it alone. All of us worked together to rebound and succeed. And when you really think about it, our industry isn’t made up of sports or events; it’s made up of people. It's those people who have helped and inspired us. Let’s continue to be there for one another. This issue showcases how much it means to have a thriving, supportive industry. Read more...

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Sports event organizers are quickly discovering what nineteen million annual visitors already find interesting in the Myrtle Beach Area. more
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The Growth of Lacrosse
Lacrosse has ditched its niche status, becoming one of the fastest-growing team sports in America. From 2001 to 2017, total participation skyrocketed 226 percent in both genders and across all levels. The sport also presents an excellent opportunity for communities. Here are some where it’s growing. Read more...
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Keeping Pace
Recreational, competitive and endurance runners have no shortage of races to choose from these days, and plenty of settings to enjoy. From urban landscapes to seaside trails and from mountain passes to main street miles, cities are rolling out the red carpet to welcome events. Here are a few examples. Read more...
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Ready to Fight
Combat sports offer both youth and adults a great way to interact in person, focus, gain self-discipline, reduce stress and stay fit. Even better news: these sports are on the grow. And with locations like these to host events in wrestling, boxing, martial arts and MMA, it’s a win-win for everyone. Read more...
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Six Keys to Increasing Your Digital Influence with Crave-Worthy Content
It’s easy to think that organic social media is the silver bullet to promoting your business, but what many have learned is this: it’s not that easy. Quality promotions require strategy and know-how. Think beyond the Like button to develop a successful marketing and publicity campaign for your event. Read more...
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