Issue #112: June 26, 2019
Cheating in Fishing Tournaments Spawns High-Tech Safeguards

Cheating in Fishing Tournaments Spawns High-Tech Safeguards

Sometime, people just need a high-five. In the face. With a fish. Preferably the one they're dishonestly trying to pass off as something they caught during a tournament in the hopes of winning the big prizes at stake. And that means event owners have become just as inventive. more

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Destination Spotlight

Chesterfield County: A Mecca for Sports Tourism with World-Class Facilities and Fields

Located in central Virginia, just south of Richmond, Chesterfield County is becoming the go-to destination for event owners seeking excellent access, great facilities and plenty to do when the games are done. In an area rich in history, athletes find the perfect setting for their own victories. more

Chesterfield County: A Mecca for Sports Tourism with World-Class Facilities and Fields
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Featured Destination
Sporting in Paradise

Sporting in Paradise

Designed around Hawai'i's tropical landscape, our open-air facility inspires creativity on and off the courts. The Hawai'i Convention Center offers 28 volleyball and badminton courts, 18 basketball courts and 11 futsal courts, all close to Waikiki, O'ahu's iconic neighborhood offering up the state's best beaches, dining and entertainment options. more

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In other news and commentary...
Is the Esports Bubble Ready to Burst?

Are esports growing too fast for their own good? A detailed piece on a gaming news site has expressed concern with the esports industry - and specifically on the fact that the metrics for accurately measuring don't exist. Are we seeing an updated version of the dot-com craze? more

Louisiana Law Gives Jail Time for Yelling at Youth Sports Officials

A brand-new Louisiana law makes harassing a ref on the scholastic or rec level a crime punishable by up to 90 days in jail. And the offender has to undergo counseling and perform community service. Will it be challenged by those who say their free speech is being repressed? more

Will News of Deaths on Everest Affect Climbing Tourism in the U.S.?

The picture showed a long line of climbers winding like a bizarre crocodile across icy ridges, trying to summit Everest. Not only would all of them not succeed but a record number would die trying. Will Nepal cut back on permits - and economic impact? Does it affect the U.S.? more

Call of Duty: Gamers to Take on U.S. Army Boot Camp

Esports continues to reinvent the image of gamers as sedentary slobs who lack real-world involvement. In fact, its newest foray takes them far outside their comfort zone - into military boot camp. And after that, soldiers get to see if they have what it takes to be gamers. more

Defying the Odds, World Combat Games Scheduled for 2021

Could the World Combat Games be back in the fight? The on-again/off-again multi-sport event featuring boxing, wrestling and martial arts has been in organizational limbo since 2013. Now with a new host city and a 2021 date, it may have a fighting chance. more

Too Often Unnoticed, Playgrounds Pose Extreme Heat Danger

Plenty is written about keeping young athletes from overheating. But right beside the sports fields is something that can pose an equally grave danger: the playground, where second- and even third-degree burns from equipment are being reported. Sports planners should caution parents before kids hit the slides and swings. more

Inside Events


It's been called the original extreme sport and it's now bringing in sponsorships, prize money, TV coverage and international competition. The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series and the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Collegiate Series are continuing to grow. Learn how they started, where they're headed and what they want in a host city. more

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The Beach Volleyball World Championships in June 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, had a unique venue to promote the event - a floating court. Photo by Stefan Mörtl/ Red Bull Content Pool | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Instagram Photo of the Week
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May/June 2019

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Last word...

"There's some kind of physical activity that will get you out of every dark area in your head, that will make you feel proud. Get out there, find out what it is for you."

~Justin Bishop, blind skateboard athlete

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