July 11, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #88: July 11, 2018

Could Baseball and Softball Be Out of the Olympics After 2020?

Baseball and softball return to the Olympics in 2020, but it could be a short stay. In fact, neither might be in Paris in 2024. France can propose sports of its own, meaning baseball and softball, loved in Japan, could be replaced by French favorites, including squash and eSports.

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Destination Spotlight

San Marcos, Texas: Where Sports Just Come Naturally

Nestled in the center of Texas between Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos is a sweet spot for sports, with both vibrant natural beauty and plentiful outdoor amenities. From off-the-beaten-track races to collegiate level play, our facilities are a natural fit for your next tournament or event. In fact, whether your sport plays out on a diamond, a court, a mountain bike trail, a river, a grass field or a track (or just about anywhere else), we are the place to call yourself the home team away from home. After hours, San Marcos offers shopping, dining and plenty to explore. Our social media game is second to none and our level of service is top-notch. Come visit our city, see our venues, enjoy our weather and meet our staff. You'll be back!

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Featured Destination

Pack Up the Teams and Head on Down to Laredo, Texas!

Want a destination for sports but one that also lends itself to a perfect blend of culture, language, culinary influences and ambiance? Look deep into the heart of South Texas and you'll find Laredo, with its bonus of year-round sunny skies, a variety of venues and plenty of after-hours diversions.

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In other news and commentary...
Expect Rise of Cryptocurrency in Travel Industry

Russia's FIFA World Cup has made headlines for many reasons (including the early exit of reigning champion Germany). On the business end, however, was the fact that cryptocurrency made its debut as a widely accepted form of payment. Can it become a fixture in the sports business sector stateside?

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Innovative Line-Calling System Takes Center Stage at Wimbledon

Tennis isn't one to jump on the trend bandwagon, so the addition of an electronic line-calling system at Wimbledon - and the subsequent discovery it wasn't ready for prime time - have led to protests from athletes. It's jarring in a tournament typically revered for its grass courts and hushed atmosphere.

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New Breed of Youth Sports Complex Comes with Bars, Nail Salons and Workstations

Times were, soccer parents were hailing as geniuses the planners who put shaded areas near the fields so that they didn't have to sit in the sun while their kids competed. These days, some venues are adding parent-friendly amenities which may help drive choices on kids' enrollment.

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Pickleball Events Making Inroads on Ocean Liners as Sports Cruises Gain Pace Overall

Forget shuffleboard and putting greens. The hottest sport on cruise ships right now is pickleball. As the trend gains steam, expect to see even more lines implement sports competitions - which could spell profit for enterprising event owners who make outreach and work with cruise companies.

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Rough Waters: Two Would-Be Governing Bodies Making Waves About Stand-Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling, one of the fastest-growing sports worldwide, is at the center of a controversy on who its rightful governing body is. The International Surfing Association and the International Canoe Association are deadlocked in a bitter argument, and neither shows signs of giving up.

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Event Owners Should Know About Research on a New Helmet Rating System

For organizers of bicycling events, the announcement of new research on helmet safety may not change anything quite yet. However, becoming familiar with the latest developments can help organizers stay ahead of the learning curve when change does come to the existing standards.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: National Battle of the Bands

The Queen City Battle of the Bands, formerly held in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a competition for marching bands from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, announced a move to Houston, Texas, and a rebranding as National Battle of the Bands. Learn about the event - and the proliferation of band competitions.

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Instagram Photo of the Week

The Rockford Area CVB hosts its third annual Rock River Anything That Floats Race on Aug. 12, 2018. Watch as crews (attempt to) navigate the river on home-built rafts that, well, rock. Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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