January 23, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #101: January 23, 2019

The New Trend: Co-Hosting eSports and Traditional Competitions

If Andy Murray doesn't want to depart Melbourne immediately, he can always stick around and compete on another playing field entirely. Epic Games hosts an eSports tournament, the Fortnite Summer Smash, at the Australian Open this weekend. The co-location of eSports and traditional sports events is a growing trend.

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Destination Spotlight

Southeastern Washington State's Dry Region Provides Year-Round Athletic Opportunities

When thinking of the Pacific Northwest, a dry desert region may not be top-of-mind, so the Tri-Cities' 300 annual days of sunshine will come as a big surprise. Another surprise will be the wide variety of venues. Yet another will be the array of sports that can be hosted. Welcome to the Tri-Cities area in the Southeastern part of Washington State.

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Featured Destination

Play PNW Sports: Snohomish County, Washington

Welcome to PNW Sports! Snohomish County, Washington, where dedication to your successful event is our badge of honor.

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In other news and commentary...
Hijacked Frequent Flier Miles Being Sold on the Dark Web

From insult to injury: right after the news that airport hotspots are a favorite hunting ground of hackers looking for personal data comes this unsettling bulletin: frequent flier miles are a hot commodity among those same criminals. Event owners and planners can protect themselves by taking these measures.

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Super Bowl LIII by the Numbers

The conclusion of football playoff season resulting in a Rams/Patriots Super Bowl in Atlanta now gives way to two weeks of hype, hope and prognostications. For those who love the numbers, trivia and fun facts of the Big Game, SDM offers the following Super Bowl sports bar bet fodder.

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Indoor Rowing Competitions Making Waves Worldwide

Call it a spinoff of indoor cycling or an offshoot of CrossFit. Indoor rowing, now a go-to in boutique fitness, is also one of the fastest-growing niche sports competitions around. Learn about what it takes to host and how the sport it taking hold at all levels.

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How a Warm-Weather City Landed the (Outdoor) NHL Winter Classic

In 2020, the NHL Winter Classic, a New Year's Day tradition involving an outdoor game, lands in Dallas, in the Cotton Bowl Stadium. And even though it's an open-air facility, the destination is certainly non-traditional. How did Dallas make that happen? Step by step: by hosting other NHL events.

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New Track & Field Events at International Level Could Trickle Down

Track and field event owners should be aware of some brand-new events. And while these will make their debut at the IAAF World Relays in Japan in May, there's every reason to expect they'll trickle down to lower levels, including college and high school.

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Washington State Lawmaker: Let's Give College Athletes Money

College football has wound down, March Madness is gearing up and NCAA women's beach volleyball is on the horizon - all of them bringing the age-old debate about whether athletes should be allowed to accept money. And one Washington State representative is all for it.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: The 420 Games

The 420 Games, a multi-sport event developed by cannabis advocates, was established to counteract the 'lazy stoner' image. The event, which has been growing in popularity, also includes educational sessions and entertainment. Learn about the Games and the sports and tourism industry springing up around the legalization of cannabis.

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The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association and the Wilmington Hammerheads put on November's NCYSA Carolina Strong Festival to help coastal soccer clubs affected by Hurricane Florence | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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