January 10, 2018 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #75: January 10, 2018

Three Emerging Sports for Women: Will 2018 be their Year?

Okay, so "become an NCAA championship sport" is not your typical New Year's resolution. But three collegiate sports, labeled "emerging sports for women," have been working to gain full NCAA acceptance. And those three - equestrian, rugby and triathlon - are hoping to make gains in 2018.

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Destination Spotlight

Uncovering a Sports Gem in Kentucky

There are a lot of reasons to visit Owensboro, nestled on a scenic bend of the Ohio River in western Kentucky. Music fans are attracted to the area's ties to the roots of bluegrass, including the many festivals held every year, along with the unique International Bluegrass Music Museum. If you're a fan of barbecue, there's the world-famous International Bar-B-Q Festival and Owensboro's signature barbecued mutton and burgoo. More importantly, though, if you're a sports fan, there's the fact that Owensboro, the state's fourth-largest city, was picked by Sports Illustrated magazine as its "No. 1 Sportstown" in Kentucky. This city has venues for soccer, softball, tennis, football, ice hockey and figure skating, golf and so much more.

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Featured Destination

Visit Harford County, Maryland, and Create Your Memories

Welcome to Harford County, Maryland, a great place to live, visit, shop, play and dine. And whether you're looking to create memories that have to do with sports, food, outdoor adventures, entertainment or American history, all this and more can be found in Harford County.

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In other news and commentary...
Snowed Under: The Toll of the 'Bomb Cyclone' on Sports Events

Snowmageddon. Bombogenesis. Bomb Cyclone. Whatever handle or hashtag you choose to hang on it, the weather is brutally cold and the precipitation has been even worse all along the Eastern seaboard. The sports event world has suffered as a result of Mother Nature's wrath. Here's a recap.

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New Waters: Competitive Fishing Event Owners Need to Understand Role of Women in Sport's Growth

Fishing, long the bastion of men, is seeing the growth of another demographic: women. And event owners should be ready because the rising tide isn't a prediction; it's already here, and it brings with it a new market share, new economic impact and even a few new challenges.

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By the Numbers: Winter Sports Growing in Unexpected Places

Who says the mountain resorts out west have all the fun? According to a new study, nearly half of U.S. snow-seekers are heading to the South Atlantic for their fix, while the mid-Atlantic region has the largest number of those hitting the slopes. Here's information sports planners need now.

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Warmer Temperatures Impacting Winter Olympic Athletes' Choices of Training Sites

Whatever your stance on climate change, there's no denying that Olympic athletes have been chasing snow all over the map in order to train. Some members of the U.S. Ski Team traveled to Switzerland while the ski jumping team landed in a pool rather than on snow.

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Cost of Safeguarding the Super Bowl Estimated at $3.1 Million

We all know Super Bowls bring an excellent economic impact to their host cities. What we know less about is how much it costs to safeguard that investment. For the Minneapolis event, the price tag is estimated at $3.1 million, including citywide policing, surveillance cameras, explosives detection and more.

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Philadelphia 76ers Building Sports Complex for AAU, Travel Teams

Philly, recently the home of the NFL Draft, has something new up its sleeve. The 76ers recently announced plans to build a 140,000-square-foot multi-purpose sports and youth training complex with basketball courts, turf soccer fields, a sports performance center and more, in Wilmington, Delaware, 30 miles from Philly.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: The ParaLong Drive Cup

When golf went into the Olympics, it seemed a Paralympic version would follow. When that didn't happen, other opportunities for competition were created. One of these, the ParaLong Drive Cup, allows athletes to compete in various divisions to take home the coveted title of ParaLong Drive Cup Champion.

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