January 09, 2019 | Sports Destination Management
Issue #100: January 09, 2019

Titanic Expedition Could Jump-Start Interest in Coastal Sports

The wreck of the Titanic has captivated the public for more than a century. Now, one destination is home to a miniature submarine capable of taking tourists right down to the wreck. Could it create another niche in the sports tourism economy and kick-start interest in water sports?

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Destination Spotlight

Winning With a ‘Very Valdosta’ Sports Culture

Valdosta, Georgia, is a city that has reinvented itself and these days, as a haven for sports teams, it’s making sure all venues are up to par. Among sports facilities receiving added investment and attention are baseball/softball diamonds, multi-purpose fields and tennis courts. In addition, the area's conference center, which in the past hasn’t been used for athletic events, will now be looking to host appropriate indoor sports and activities. The year 2019 will bring 23 championship tournament diamonds -- the better to keep on welcoming the national and regional youth, adult and senior tournaments Valdosta has already seen. One of the most valuable amenities of all is a friendly hometown that embraces all those visiting teams. Meet Valdosta.

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Featured Destination

Surprise, AZ : A #1 Destination for Sports Tournaments

The city of Surprise has everything you are looking for in a sports tournament destination, with nationally recognized facilities, year-round sunshine, plenty of fun things to do and an events team that’s committed to making your tournament a success. Learn more about the city where dreams are made.

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In other news and commentary...
College Golf Could Serve as Launchpad for the PGA TOUR

It’s a game-changer. Rights holders putting on collegiate golf tournaments may find their events gaining a whole new level of importance. At least one report shows the best college golfers could be guaranteed status on one of several tours, including (but not limited to) the PGA TOUR.

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PHIT Act Falls Victim to a D.C. in Disarray

The government shutdown has claimed its first major casualty – and it’s nothing to do with federal workers and their paychecks – and everything to do with sports. The Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act, which could which could have provided a tremendous benefit to event owners – has failed to pass.

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Would a Rebuilt Preakness Venue Help Maryland – or Drive Iconic Race Out of Town?

There are some long faces in Baltimore’s sports tourism sector and they don’t belong to horses. With the news that a Maryland Stadium Authority study recommends demolishing and rebuilding Pimlico Race Course have come fears that the Preakness Stakes could move away and never return.

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IOC: eSports Not Even Close to Consideration for the Olympics

eSports might be making money and grabbing headlines – not to mention attracting that youthful contingent the IOC wants – but its chances of seeing its athletes on the Olympic podium seem to be rather faint right now. That’s the word from the recent Olympic Summit, where the matter was discussed.

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New Version of XFL Set to Kick Off in 2020 – but will it be Sidelined Like Previous Start-Up Leagues?

The inexorable march toward this year’s Super Bowl is consuming the football nation right now but if promoter Vince McMahon gets his way, people will be talking about the return of the XFL this time next year. Of course, first they have to believe it CAN happen.

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The No-Drone Zone: Why Event Owners and Venue Operators Need to Set Limits

The Olympics will be a no-drone zone in 2020. The Japanese government has released a statement that no UAVs are will be allowed near venues during the Tokyo Games. And as incidents are increasingly reported (hello, Gatwick Airport), it’s time for event owners and venue operators to set policies.

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Inside Events

Inside Events: USA Cheer

Cheer squads and dance teams have come a long way over the decades since they started showing up in high schools and colleges nationwide. From chanting on the sidelines to participating in the most recent Winter Olympics, the sport has evolved. Meet USA Cheer, one of its driving forces.

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