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The March/April issue is all about the change of seasons. Athletes are finding their way back to fields, courts, trails and roads that have been slumbering under snow and ice – at least in many parts of the country. Planners, meanwhile, are scrambling to get ready for this spring and put contracts in place for next year’s events. This issue of SDM can help, with features on soccer, golf and swimming/diving. Don’t miss our articles on medical planning, housing, photography and the benefits of planning off-peak events. Start your new season here. Read more...

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Basketball: Traveling Widely
With March Madness lurking, basketball is going to be on everyone’s radar for the next few months. But beyond brackets, there’s a whole science to this incredibly popular sport. Learn about the cities that are hosting, the trends that are shaping the sport and the organizations that are keeping tabs of it all. Read more...
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Cold Play
Winter brings sports that play out on the frozen landscape. Whether the venue is a ski resort, a curling arena or a sheet of ice for hockey, the industry of winter sports is actively growing. Learn what has exploded in popularity since the most recent Olympics, and what NGBs and sports commissions are doing to harness that growth. Read more...
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The Thrill of It All: Skateboarding and BMX
Once only known as counter-culture pastimes, skateboard and BMX have moved into the mainstream. Count on that growth to continue in years to come, with an ever-expanding array of events being offered – and special initiatives to bring in women as well as others. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with these sports yet, it’s time you got acquainted. Read more...
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Recording and Streaming: How to Bring Your Events Up to Speed
Want to grow your audience and maybe even create a new revenue area? Think about recording and live-streaming your events. With the new tools available in today’s market, and the professionals who have the knowledge and skills, you can tap into this new trend at almost any price point. Read more...
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